Chapter 6 Her Qianqian is Gone

Not only had Ye Ke'er's child been taken away, but also Bo Qianqian!

That evening, Bo Qing received a phone call from the kidnapper.

They were now by the sea.

Bo Qing, together with Ye Wanwan and Ye Ke'er, rushed over in a hurry. By the time they arrived, Bo Qianqian had already woken up.

Her small body was pressed against a precipice by the sea. She looked as fragile as if she could be crushed to pieces with a single pinch.

Bo Qing handed over the ten million yuan that the kidnappers had demanded and said coldly, "Here is your money, now let them go!"

"Bo Qing, you killed my father. Today, I will return the favor and make you suffer the pain of losing one of your loved ones!" Guan Bao, the head of the kidnappers, smiled ferociously. He glanced down at Bo Qianqian and the baby in his arms. "Only one of these two children can live today. Bo Qing, make a choice, and I will let go of him or her!"

"I'll give you one hundred million yuan as long as you release both of them!" Bo Qing
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Beatrice Macias
why!! the main character of the story. the man is always stupid. supposedly he is a billionaire. should man be smart. but! he always believes the evil woman. how can he be rich. when he is so stupid and dumb. the evil woman is much smarter. smart man would get DNA test. see the child is his.

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