Chapter 7 He Filled Her Heart with Pain

Ye Wanwan rushed to the edge of the cliff and frantically tried to grab Bo Qianqian before she disappeared, but all her hand closed around was thin air.

"Qianqian, be a good girl! Mommy's coming!"

Ye Wanwan wanted to jump down and get her daughter back, but before she could do so, she felt sharp stabbing pains run through her lower abdomen again.

She choked out a big mouthful of blood and then abruptly lost consciousness.

Bo Qing had never expected Bo Qianqian to fall into the sea. After a short pause, he rushed to the edge of the precipice and jumped into the churning waves below.

Struggling to see on such a dark and stormy night, he searched for Bo Qianqian in the sea but came up with nothing.

At his command, some of his men and a rescue team soon arrived, but it was not easy even for professionals to find a person in such a vast sea!

After three days of searching the waters, Bo Qing and the others still could not find any trace of Bo Qianqian. Everyone knew well that she was
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