If I Never Loved You
If I Never Loved You
Author: Qi Laoyou

Chapter 1 Encounter in the Mourning Hall

On the day of the funeral, snow was falling heavily. It was a bleak and gloomy day.

Miao Xiaobei stood alone in the large hall.

Her body trembled as she knelt on the ground before a blazing fire, watching some joss paper burning in the brazier.

"Mom, I'm sorry, it's all my fault. I'm unfilial..."

Just at that moment, the door opened to reveal Murong Ling stepping in from the blanket of snow outside.

"You're indeed unfilial. If you hadn't been so greedy, your mother would still be alive. She's only dead because of you."

Murong Ling's cold voice cut into her heart like a knife, each word slicing away at her.

Miao Xiaobei only felt her blood rising, the taste of blood in her mouth was so strong, but she bit her lip determinedly.

"You detest me, you hate me. I know. Since that's the case, I'll give up my position as Young Madam Murong to atone for my sins..."

Murong Ling's icy gaze stayed on Miao Xiaobei for a long time, unwavering. He slowly walked towards her.

"Miao Xiaobei, do you really think I'd let you off so easily?"

He grabbed for her arm suddenly, his eyes glinting with violence as his grip tightened. He was no longer the gentleman he used to be.

"Miao Xiaobei, if your mother sees our love for each other, her spirit in heaven will be comforted, don't you think?"

"What... what are you going to do?"

The smile on Murong Ling's lips widened as he took in Miao Xiaobei's panicked countenance with satisfaction.

"Miao Xiaobei, you've brought this upon yourself."

To think that Murong Ling would say such words — what exactly was she and her family to him?

"Miao Xiaobei, you should have known that such a day would arrive when you threatened me with Wanwan's life!"

"No, don't! Let me go!"

Murong Ling pulled Miao Xiaobei up with a hard yank.

With just a few languid flicks of his hand, Miao Xiaobei's clothes soon fell to the ground.

Miao Xiaobei, who had come back to her senses, finally understood that it was impossible for Murong Ling to ever sympathize with her!

In his eyes, she was worse than trash!

With a sudden push, Miao Xiaobei fell face-down on the coffin.

Overwhelmed with lust at the sight of her prone body, Murong Ling lurched forward to enter her from behind.


Without any semblance of foreplay or a chance to prepare herself, Miao Xiaobei nearly fainted from the pain.

Murong Ling held her waist in a vice-like grip and brutally thrust into her with intense pleasure, nearly tearing her apart.

"Murong Ling, you're inhuman. Today is the death anniversary of my mother, you..."

Her words fell on deaf ears as he continued slamming into her with increasing speed, each thrust more energetic than the last.

It was some time later before Murong Ling finally let go of her.

Miao Xiaobei turned around to look at Murong Ling, who was straightening his clothes. Suddenly, she began to kowtow, hitting her forehead heavily on the ground.

"I was wrong, I got confused. I was too greedy...

"Now I understand. Please, I beg you, I don't want anything. I just want to go to the temple and spend the rest of my life there in solitude. I will pray for my family, for you... and for my sister..."

Hearing this, Murong Ling gave a disapproving snort.

"Hmph, with your petty and vindictive personality, you'd no doubt spend the time cursing others rather than praying like a good girl."

Miao Xiaobei's body trembled slightly when she heard his words.

"What's more, if you did go to a temple, you would only defile a pure and quiet place like that. If the suffering is really as bad as you make it out to be, why don't you just drink some poison and go and keep your mother's spirit company in heaven!"

Miao Xiaobei's fingernails dug sharply into her palms.

She had no idea that Murong Ling hated her so much and even wanted her to die!

"Oh, but wait, suicide would be an easy way out for you. Didn't you want to go to the temple? I'll let you."

Murong Ling squatted down beside her and whispered in her ear in a voice that sent shivers down her spine.

"I could get a few bald monks to serve you. How about that?"

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