Chapter 2 You're Pregnant?

Murong Ling's eyes were gloomy and unfathomable.

The woman in front of him was the person he hated the most in this world — Miao Xiaobei.

Yet he had felt a sharp twinge of annoyance when he heard her say that she would no longer be Young Madam Murong.

"The position of Young Madam Murong is not one you can just take or leave as you please. How could there be such a great thing in the world?"

"Murong Ling, you..."

Poised to finish her sentence with her lips slightly open, she suddenly felt her body falling backwards involuntarily.

It was already the next morning by the time Miao Xiaobei regained consciousness.

She had just finished washing up when the butler bundled her into a car.

By the time she came to her senses, she found that she was passing through the door of the Murong family residence.

The atmosphere inside was joyful and harmonious, but her sudden appearance injected an air of awkwardness into the scene.

"Older Sis, you're back."

There was a hint of joy in her charming voice, and her smile shone ever so brightly.

"Wanwan, be careful."

Murong Ling's gentle tone of voice caused Miao Xiaobei's heart to hurt again.

It was not that he was not gentle, but when it came to her, he would only ever show indifference and heartlessness.

Miao Xiaobei felt her eyes moistening as the tears rose, and so she tilted her head back slightly, refusing to let herself fall apart in public.

"You'd better behave yourself. If you dare to hurt Wanwan, you know what the consequences will be."

"Why bring me here if you're so afraid that I'll hurt her?"

Moreover, with so many people watching, how could she hurt Miao Wanwan?

He had never trusted her.

She laughed derisively at herself. In the end, she was still the one who had been expecting too much.

"Wanwan wanted to see you."

Her heart ached again.

She should have understood long ago that one casual word from Miao Wanwan would be worth more than a million of her desperate pleas.

"Older Sis, are you alright? You don't look well."

Clad in a snow-white dress and fiddling with a vase of flowers on the table, Miao Wanwan seemed to exude an intoxicating air of purity and perfection.

"I didn't sleep well last night, that's all."

In the next moment, Miao Wanwan mentally prepared herself and handed the crystal vase to Miao Xiaobei, speaking in a soft and happy voice.

"Older Sis, do you like this? I specially prepared it for you."

Miao Xiaobei's eyes flickered as she reached to take the vase.

However, Miao Wanwan loosened her grip on the vase too early.

The vase hit Miao Xiaobei's hand painfully before smashing to the ground with an almighty crash, shards spraying everywhere.

"Miao Xiaobei! What are you doing!"

With a loud roar, Murong Ling pulled Miao Wanwan into his arms and heavily shoved Miao Xiaobei away.

"Wanwan kindly prepared a present for you, and this is how you treat her?"

Before she even had time to react to the fresh cuts on her arm caused by the smashed vase, Miao Xiaobei heard Murong Ling's cold voice ring out.

"I didn't."

"Ling, I'm scared..."

Miao Wanwan spoke suddenly from the shelter of Ling's arms, her tone fearful and pathetic.

Miao Xiaobei could not help but give a bitter laugh when she heard Wanwan. The same old trick yet again.

"Don't be afraid, Wanwan. I'll protect you. No one will ever hurt you when I'm around.

"Get out of here! You'd better hope that I never catch sight of you again!"

Miao Xiaobei lowered her eyes dolefully. She was used to such treatment by now, but it felt so bitter still.

She struggled up from her position on the ground, clutching her profusely-bleeding arm, and began to walk out slowly.

Murong Ling frowned when he saw the bright red droplets of blood trickling to the floor soundlessly.

"You're dirtying the floor." His voice was terrifyingly cold, the tone of it sending a chill deep into her bones.

Miao Xiaobei bit her lip hard and asked in a shaky voice, "You want me to wipe it down for you?"

Murong Ling shot her an irritated glance and said shortly, "Do whatever you want. Just get out of my sight quickly!"

With that, he led Miao Wanwan to the sofa with his arm lovingly draped around her shoulders and they sat down together.

A mirthless chuckle escaped Miao Xiaobei's mouth, then she knelt down on the ground to begin the laborious task of picking up the shards of crystal by hand.

After a good while, Miao Xiaobei finally finished cleaning up. She slowly picked herself up off the ground, only to be hit by a wave of dizziness.

Swaying, she looked over to the sofa where the two were snuggled together lovingly. Her hand involuntarily moved up to her chest, tightly grasping at where her heart was.

The ache there was intensifying by the second, threatening to suffocate her.

"Have a drink."

Murong Ling held a cup in his hands and gently brought the straw to Miao Wanwan's lips.

Miao Xiaobei's eyes began to get misty at the tenderness emanating from Murong Ling.

She turned her head away, not wanting to watch the intimate scene anymore.

After taking a deep breath, Miao Xiaobei turned to leave. However, as she did so, she accidentally kicked a stool, tipping it over with a noisy clatter.

"Older Sis, are you alright?" Miao Wanwan stood up hurriedly, concern lining her face.

"Careful," Murong Ling said placidly as he looked at Miao Wanwan's thin figure. His eyes darkened a little as he spoke.

Hearing him, Miao Wanwan's face stiffened a little. Her hands clenched tightly into fists beside her, her nails sinking deeply into the flesh of her palms.

"Ling is actually concerned about that b*tch Miao Xiaobei!"

"You know you'll have to make up for it if Wanwan is startled?"

Miao Xiaobei's hands could not help quivering. "Yes, I will be careful."

Lowering her eyes sadly, Miao Xiaobei walked towards the door.

However, after taking a few steps, she heard Miao Wanwan speak.

"Ling, let Older Sis take care of me. After all, the child in my stomach is her nephew."

Miao Xiaobei turned back abruptly and her petite face was filled with disbelief. Eyes wide, she asked in a horrified tone, "You're pregnant?"

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