Chapter 3 Medicine

Every bit of strength in Miao Xiaobei's body seemed to drain away as she stared at Miao Wanwan's stomach and said those three words.

Miao Wanwan answered her with a radiant smile, "That's right, Older Sis. I'm pregnant with Ling's child. Aren't you happy? He's going to be your little nephew!"

"Happy?" Miao Xiaobei took a few unsteady steps back. Miao Wanwan's smile was like a knife stabbing deep into her heart, a heart which she had had to work so hard on stopping from bleeding. Unfortunately, this new development had rendered her efforts futile.

"A younger sister pregnant with her brother-in-law's child. Aren't you shameless, Miao Wanwan!?"

The grim smile on Miao Xiaobei's face was in stark contrast to the expression on Miao Wanwan’s.

"Older Sis..." Miao Wanwan flinched and took two steps back. Fat tears welled up and fell from her eyes as she turned to look at Murong Ling.

"Ling, I, I'm not. I just really like you, that's why I want to have a child with you..."

Murong Ling laughed solemnly, taking Miao Wanwan deep in his arms and shooting a cold glare at Miao Xiaobei.

"Outrageous. I only care about Wanwan. You're the one who is shameless!"


Miao Xiaobei gave a pained chuckle and turned quickly to leave.

She had also been pregnant once.

The doctor had said that it would be very difficult for her to get pregnant again if she aborted the baby.

But Murong Ling's response had been nothing but an emotionless: "Abort it!"

"Murong Ling, you will regret this!"

The gloomy, relentless rain falling outside seemed to be reflecting Miao Xiaobei's unhappiness.

Her vision suddenly blurred as a throbbing pain stabbed through her head. Before she knew what was going on, her vision turned dark and she fell to the floor, unconscious.

When she awoke, she saw Miao Wanwan looking at her with a spiteful smile.

"What are you doing here?"

Miao Wanwan looked down at her belly and caressed her abdomen, looking gentle and lovely, and yet every word that spilled from her mouth was painful and piercing.

"Older Sis, how exactly do you intend to resist me? If you hurt his child, do you seriously think he will ever look at you again?"


Miao Xiaobei's heart skipped a beat, but in the next moment...

"Older Sis! What are you doing!? Let go of me! Ah! My child!"

Murong Ling rushed in and pushed Miao Xiaobei onto the bed. "Miao Xiaobei, you vicious woman!"

Miao Xiaobei, whose body was already in a weakened condition, felt like the world was spinning around her.

In the momentary darkness, she remembered that day in the courtyard when she had leisurely eaten some tasty snacks and chatted about how she had just saved an extremely good-looking man.

She had carelessly related to Miao Wanwan every little thing that had happened between them.

She had even taken out the memento of their time together and let Miao Wanwan fiddle with it.

There was no way she could ever have imagined that Miao Wanwan would one day replace her as the one who had saved Murong Ling.

Miao Xiaobei, who had regained consciousness again, ignored the doctor and returned to the villa. She found the marriage certificate and household register in a drawer.

When she saw the jade thumb ring lying in the corner, she laughed disdainfully to herself.

It wasn't like the thought of taking it hadn't crossed her mind.

However, knowing Murong Ling's hatred towards her, he would only accuse her of having taken it from Miao Wanwan.

"How dare you sit here?"

Even before Miao Xiaobei could react to the sour voice, she found her wrist being held in a vice-like grip.

"You stole Wanwan's place, and now you want to kill our child? Is there no end to your scheming? Miao Xiaobei, get out of here!"

Miao Xiaobei staggered back a few steps. Murong Ling frowned when he saw her blank, expressionless face.

"It wasn't me."

"It wasn't you?" Murong Ling tugged at his tie and sneered, curling his lips disdainfully.

"There was only you and Wanwan in the ward. Are you saying that Wanwan would kill her own child? Do you seriously expect me to believe you, Miao Xiaobei?"

"Yes," Miao Xiaobei replied, her voice an eerie monotone.

"I've taken out the marriage certificate and household register. Let's divorce."

A flicker of surprise flashed through Murong Ling's eyes as Miao Xiaobei spoke to him flatly. He had never seen her act this way before.

"Do you think this will be enough to compensate for the pain that you have caused Wanwan?"

Hurt? Was it she who had hurt Miao Wanwan, or was it Miao Wanwan who had hurt her?

"Miao Wanwan is pregnant with your child. Don't you think it's best for me to just give up so that you can marry her?"

Murong Ling's eyes gleamed strangely. In the next second, she was up in the air and being thrown forcibly onto the bed.

A month later, Miao Xiaobei was sitting and staring at the two lines of a pregnancy test kit. She could not believe what she was seeing.

"If Murong Ling finds out, will I lose the baby again?”

"You're pregnant?"

Miao Xiaobei's face paled at the words Murong Ling had said right after his arrival.

"This is my child, I..."

"Take good care of the baby."

Those six words stunned Miao Xiaobei into silence.

The next morning, she saw Murong Ling and Miao Wanwan as soon as she went downstairs.

The smile on her face froze. Just as she was about to turn around and return to her room, Miao Wanwan called out to her. "Congratulations, Older Sis. I hear that you're pregnant too.

"Ling, let Older Sis come down for a meal together."

"Didn't you hear what Wanwan said?" Murong Ling's voice was calm, but it left no room for rejection.

Miao Xiaobei glared at Miao Wanwan, who was wearing a sickeningly smug expression, then took a deep breath and walked over.

"Ling, why don't you leave first since you're so busy with work? My sister and I will have a little chat."

Murong Ling frowned at Miao Wanwan's words. He took a hard look at Miao Xiaobei and said, "I don't want anything to happen."

After Murong Ling left, Miao Xiaobei went upstairs, not expecting Miao Wanwan to follow her.

"What do you want?" Miao Xiaobei looked at her warily.

Seeing this, Miao Wanwan scoffed. "Older Sis, no need to fret. I'm more nervous about your child than you are. I'll definitely ensure that it is born safely."

"What? Why would you care?"

She did not believe that Miao Wanwan would be so kind for no reason. All of a sudden, she was a little afraid to hear her answer.

"Oh, you don't know? Your baby's umbilical cord blood will be used for my child."

Miao Wanwan gazed at Miao Xiaobei. The corners of her lips were raised into a hollow smile, but her eyes were extremely vicious.

"Only by digging out his heart, chopping it into pieces, and making it into a medicine can my baby be saved. So, Miao Xiaobei, the wellbeing of your child is naturally of the utmost importance to me."
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