Chapter 7 Asking a Nurse for Help

"Ling said that he'll divorce you once we've taken your baby's heart. Aren't you thrilled?"

Miao Xiaobei sneered after hearing those words.

"If you're really all that then, after so many years, why has he still not divorced me yet? A fake will always be a fake. He's just blinded by the lies now. Then again, when it comes to a ruthless scumbag such as Murong Ling, I think you two are perfect for each other."

The moment she had decided to knock herself into the wall, she had already given up on him.

Her heart, which had loved him for years, had been completely crushed to dust.

Miao Wanwan hadn't expected her to say that. Rage boiled within her and the blood rushed to her face.

"Miao Wanwan, do you really think that Ling kept you beside him because he's in love with you? Get real. He just wants to have a good time torturing you. Considering the half-dead state you're in now, Ling will never bother to take another look at you. Just wait and collect your child's body after a couple of
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