Chapter 9 The Child Was Taken Away

"In hell, of course."

Miao Wanwan lowered her head and whispered into her ear, her slender fingernails digging forcefully into her waist.

The strength was so great, it was as if she intended to rip the very flesh from Xiaobei's bones.

Reacting to the pain, Miao Xiaobei pushed her away with all her might.

Unexpectedly, Miao Xiaobei crashed straight into a cart that was pushed by a nurse. The bottles clattered to the floor and shards of glass littered the ground.

"Ah, it hurts." Miao Wanwan sprawled across the glass shards and purposefully pressed her arm into their sharp edges.

Miao Xiaobei witnessed her actions. "She really does not hesitate to harm herself."

Murong Ling saw the commotion as soon as he exited the elevator.

From his perspective, all he saw was her pushing Wanwan to the ground and he was instantly filled with rage. He strode over and threw a hard smack right across her face.

"Miao Xiaobei, you're courting death."

She was dazed by his slap and her ears rang as h
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