Chapter 32 Please Come In

When the door opened, she saw the facial features of the child.

The secretary thought to herself, "This Little Master is truly the spitting image of our Young Master."

"Especially those eyebrows. Could he be our president's child?"

However, she had heard that Miss Miao's child was already dead, so where had this child come from?

"Please come in." Without thinking about it too much, she took the two people into the President's office.

The little fellow lowered his eyes and allowed the servant to pull him along. There was no expression on his youthful face.

He was totally uninterested in large mansions, nor was he filled with the joy that a young child should normally have when meeting their father.

"President, they have arrived," the secretary announced, pushing open the door.

"Bring a glass of warm milk and go to the Finance Department to withdraw 200,000 Yuan in cash. When Miao Xiaobei arrives, you'll go down and fetch her. She hasn't been here for a long time and I wouldn't b
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