Chapter 35 Pretending to Sleep

"You deliberately stood in the rain to get a fever so that you could stay with Mom. I guess Mom really hates you," he said.

Upon listening to those words, the man in the bed opened his eyes, his face unwrinkled by any frown.

"Oh, are you not going to pretend to sleep anymore?" the child said, supporting his chin in his hand.

Murong Ling blushed. How was this little kid smart enough to know that he was pretending to be asleep?

He had thought there was no loophole in his plan. Even Miao Xiaobei had not realized it, so how could a child have figured it out?

The little fellow sighed helplessly.

"You pretended to be sick in order to see how Mom would react, so there's no way you would have fallen asleep for real," he said, analyzing it logically.

Murong Ling really didn't know whether he should cry or laugh in response. Why was this kid trying to act intelligent with that tiny brain of his?

However, his attitude towards had at least improved since last time. He was speaking more and
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