Chapter 36 Miao Wanwan is Insane

Murong Ling held onto her with all his might and he roared in a low voice.

Due to his cold, his breath was a little unstable and he suddenly began to cough violently. She could feel his warm breath against her neck, intertwining with her own from time to time. It was hard to differentiate them.

Miao Xiaobei was no longer struggling. She had been waiting to hear those three words for seven years. What was the point of him saying them now?

Many things had already happened and they would never be able to turn back the clock.

Both of them kept silent as Murong Ling's coughs started to quieten down. He leaned his warm face closer to her neck as he said in his hoarse voice, "I really love you."

"I'm serious. I know just how wrong I was."

Miao Xiaobei suddenly felt a dampness on her neck and was shocked. Looking into his tearful eyes, her heart began to ache.

"The thing is, I don't love you anymore."

She suddenly stood up and stared at him, a cold and indifferent expression sweeping o
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