Chapter 4 : Chase

Today is another day in school. I only have two days to finish collecting all of the requirements of my students. I don't want to wait for next week to to my job. The earlier I can create their grades, the better.

"Hays. Boring," I said while walking alone in the street. I don't have Dhaile with me so I have no one to talk to. Her first class will be on 10:00 am while mine is 8:00 am. I hate it when our schedule isn't the same. I feel alone if she's not here since she is the only one that I am comfortable to talk to. 

To ease the boringness I'm feeling, I get my earphones and my cellphone and started playing songs. I played the heavy metal songs to rise up my energy. 

After minutes of walking, I finally arrived on the school. That wasn't that exhausting since my apartment is just half a kilometer away from the school. Also, I used to walk long distances when I was still a young girl. That makes my body used in doing this kind of things. 

"Good morning, Ms. Fryxell," the guard of the school greeted.

"Good morning," I smiled and greeted him back.

"You're too early for your first class, ma'am ah?" the guard asked while I fill-up the attendance form.

"Dhaile wasn't with me so my walk is faster than if we're together. You know, we're just having chit-chats while walking," I explained to him.

"I see," he replied.

Another teacher came and the guard turned his attention to that person. I don't look to know who is the new teacher since I'm busy in my attendance form. 

"Guard, I'm done," I said while handling him the form. 

"Well done, ma'am," he answered.

I put my index finger in the fingerprint scanner of the school. This is also a way to find out you time-in and time-out. 

I was about to enter when someone's hand grabbed mine. 

"Hey! What are doi-" my words were cut off when I realized that the one who pulled me is Zac, my ex-boyfriend.

"Babe," he said while looking in my eyes.

"Huh? Babe? Didn't I tell you that we are already done?" I asked him. I might sound harsh, but this is the only way I can push him away from my sight.

"Babe, listen to me," he said while holding my hands and moving closer to me. "I know that you were shocked when I suddenly proposed to you. But you don't have to break up with me. I know you hate surprises. Promise, I won't do that again," he  told me. 

"Zac, I already broke up with you. It's not because I was shocked when you proposed to me, it's just," I stopped talking. 

If saying to him the I am a lesbian will not cause me trouble, I will confess it to him. But knowing that I am living in a country where LGBT members like me are considered sinners and monsters, I can't do that.

"Just what?" he asked.

I pleaded my brain to make an excuse. I know that I have to tell a lie. 

"I don't love you anymore," I said without looking at him. I am preventing myself to at him in eyes, for I know that once I look at those circular things, I will see the sadness of his soul. I might feel sorry for him again. 

"You're joking right?" he bluberred. 

I'm still looking at the ground to avoid his eyes. I can feel that he's crying. Just from the sound of his voice and the difficulties in breathing. I see some drops of water falling in the ground. The pity that I'm feeling for him is getting bigger. This must be stop. I mustn't let this emotion to control me.

"I already love someone else, Zac. Please stop chasing me," I said before turning my back to him and walking away. But I wasn't even making my third step when he pulled me back again to his side.

"I don't believe you!" he shouted at my face.

"We spent almost four years of our lives together! Then now your breaking up with me? What the hell is in your mind, Casy?!" 

I can see the anger in his eyes. This is the first time that I saw him with such emotion. I was used to see happiness or sadness in his eyes, but anger? No. Zac is has a long patience. Did I really hurt him so much that he became angry at me that much?

"You're neglecting our long relationship just for that someone? Tell me! Who is he?!" 

I can't answer his question. The truth is, I just make it as an excuse. I don't really love anyone, even him. I just want to be free from that relationship. I'm not hapy anymore, and I know that I won't be happy no matter how hard he try.

"Stop it," a female voice interfere.

"Who are you? Why do you need to meedle in? Mind your own business," Zac said firmly to that voice. 

It's Kataleya, I mean Kate. Maybe she's also the teacher who fill-up the attendance form with me earlier. 

"She said that she already love someone. Are you brainless that you can't understand that?" Kate asked him. 

Kate is just staring at him. She is not even blinking her eyes. She also have her poker face to show that she is serious.

"How dare you to call me brainless?" 

Zac move away from me and walked towards Kate. The guard interferes in the situation.

"Sir, I'm sorry but you are not allowed here," the guard tried to sent Zac away.

"Just shut up," Zac firmly said to the guard. 

The guard might feel that Zac is really angry. Instead of preventing Zac from getting near to Kate, the guard run away. Maybe he will call a back up. 

Only the three of us are left in the guard house. I look at Kate. Like earlier, she have her poker face. It looks like she is not afraid even if Zac is giving her a deadly look. 

"Leave," Kate said.

"You can't dictate what I'm going to do." 

"You're in a government property. You're not allowed here. I can sue you for that," Kate warned him. I can see that warning is effective for Zac take one step back.

He is about to say something but before he could speak a word, the voice of the Madam Principal prevailed.

"You! Mister! What are you doing here? You're causing trouble to my teachers!" Madam Principal shouted. 

Zac didn't miss a chance and he run awat immediately before the guards could caught him.

"Ms. Carson, Ms, Fryxell, are you okay?" Madama Principal asked the two of us.

"Yes, Madam," we answered.

"Thank you for your concern," Kate said while smiling at her.

"If this happens again, don't hesitate to call me," Madam Principal stated before leaving. 

"Thank you," I said to Kate. She just smiled at me. 

"That's nothing," she answered.

I invited her to walk with me since we are just heading in the same building. At first I thought that she will refuse, but it was my shocked when she agreed to it. 

"Can I ask you a question?" Kate asked after a long silence.

"You're already asking me," I playfully said.

"Well, you're right," she chuckled. "Why did you break up with him?" she asked. I know that the one she is pertaining to is Zac.

"It's a personal reason," I answered. I know that I didn't lie to her, for being a lesbian is a personal reason. 

"Oh, okay. I won't force you to say that," she said. "It's my first class. Thank you for walking with me," she added.

"That's nothing. Enjoy your first day here in FNHS," I answered and started walking upstairs.

"Wait!" Kate stopped me from walking.


"When is your vacant time?" she asked.

I opened my phone to look at my schedule. Well, I'm not really good at memorizing my schedule. I still forgot what time I'm vacant and what my next class is. 

"I have my class for the next four hours, so my vacant time is at 1:00 in the afternoon to 3:00," I answered. Wow, I didn't know that my schedule for today is tiring. 

"That's great! I'm free between 12:30 to 2:30 pm. Mind joining me on lunch time?"  she asked.

Of course, I don't want to refuse her offer. I want to turn back the favor since she agreed when I asked her to walk with me. 

"Sure. But can I bring Dhaile with me?" I asked. I don't want to forget Dhaile. She is my close friend and there's no day that we didn't join lunch, except when our schedule is not the same. 

"You mean, Miss Chan?" 


"Sure. The more, the merrier," she answered.

"That's great! I'll go to my room now," I said before walking upstairs.


"Are you serious, Casy?!" Dhaile shouted.

"Low down your voice," I said to her.

"Sorry. I was just shocked," she apologized. "But hey, you didn't told me that you broke up with Zac. I hate you for not telling me about that."

"You're so immature, Dhaile. I just forgot to tell you. There's so many things that happened yesterday," I explained.

"Okay, okay. I get it. But why?" she acts like she is regretting the break up that happened between me and Zac.

"Casy, you just let go of a perfect man. Imagine, Zac is so handsome. His body is well-built. He is the son of the third wealthiest merchant in the country. And he loves you very much. Then you broke up with him, all of a sudden?" she exclaimed. "If I were you, I will marry him immediately."

"But you're not me, Dhaile,"  I said. 

"You got a point with that. But still, I feel sorry for him."

"You don't know the reason," I said with a poor voice. 

"Then tell me what it is so that I could understand."

"I just can't tell it."

"Then why did you tell him that you love somebody else even if it is not true?" she asked.

"That's the only way to sent him awat from me. He is too stubborn and desperate. He even involved Kate when Kate interfere."

"Speaking of Kate, there she is!" Dhaile grabbed my hand and then runs towards Kate's direction like a student. 

"Dhaile, slow down," I tried to stop her but it looks like she didn't hear me.

"Hi Kate," Dhaile greeted her when we finally arrived at her table. "Hi Unah," she greeted Unah also. I didn't notice that Unah is here.

"Hi," they answered. Dhaile and I sit on the chair. 

"What do you want to eat?" Kate asked us. "It's my treat."

"Are you serious? We have money. You don't need to treat us for lunch," Unah said shyly.

"Don't worry Unah. It's a favor for the three of you for joining me for lunch. What's your order by the way?" 

"I'd like to have a cheeseburger and a pizza. My drink would be coke," Dhaile said.

I nudge her. 

"Why?" she asked.

"You're too shameless," I said.

"That's nothing," Kate said. "How about the others?" 

"Mine will just like what Dhaile ordered," I said.

"My order is one chicken and a rice and water.. I didn't have my breakfast eh," Unah said. 

"Okay. So two cheeseburgers, one box of pizza, one chicken and rice, and water," Kate said before going to the counter. 

"I thought she is a rude lady," Dhaile said. 

"No. Kate is actually one of the kindest person I met in my life," Unah said. 

"It's nice to be her friend," she added. 

The three of us are talking about teaching stuffs while waiting for Kate to return. We talked about the reqyirements and the scope of the first quarter exams.

After some minutes, Kate came back while holding our foods. I stand up to help her in holding it. 

"Here's your food," Kate said. 

We get our orders from the tray. We eat first before talking to each other. All of us are hungry from long hours of teaching.

While eating, Kate suddenly asked a question.

"Uhm, this may sound rude. But I heard that the teacher I substitute is now dead. What happened to him?" she asked.

We stopped eating. We know that is a serious matter.

"He was executed," Dhaile answered.

"What? Why?" Kate's voice is full of confusion.

We put our full attention to Kate's question. We moved closer to each. 

"What we are going to say to you is a serious matter. So listen carefully," Unah told her.

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