Chapter 6 : Search for Mr. Cambri

Friday comes and this is the last school day of the week. All of the teachers are busy for the first quarter exam is coming. We only have two days before that event comes. 

Now, I have a big problem. Mister Cambri from Class - B isn't coming to school since last week. I'm worried about his grades on my subject and also to other subjects. 

"I've gotta go," I said to Dhaile who's still typing something in her laptop.

I'm now in Dhaile's office or the office of Music Teachers. I don't like to stay in my own office for I'll just get bored there. There are no any other people inside my office so I decided to join Dhaile here.

"Why? Do you have your next class?" she asked without looking at me for her sight is focused on the laptop's screen.

"Nah. I don't have anymore classes for the next hours. You know, I have two morning classes during Friday," I answered  while combing my hair. 

I looked at the mirror and looked to myself. I look like a mess. My hair is so messy and my uniform isn't placed well. It looks like a storm passed in my whole body. 

"You're lucky. I wish I have a schedule like that," Dhaile frowned when she looked at her full schedule. "I still have one class in the morning and three classes in the afternoon. So tiring," she added.

"But wait," she stopped typing on her keyboard. "Are you going home already? You haven't completed your six hours," she asked.

"No, I'm not," I answered.

"Remember Mr. Cambri?" I asked her.

"The student from Class-B? The one with yelloe headband?" she asked, descrubing the appearance of Mr. Cambri.


"What's with him?" 

"It's been a week but he is not attending any of his class. I'm going to talk to his adviser. I'm concerned about his grades. He might fail the first quarter if he didn't submit the requirements," I explained.

"What about the other subject teaches of him? Aren't they worried about their student?" Dhaile asked.

"I don't know. I don't have the list of his subject teachers. But I think it will be much easier if I'll talk to his adviser directly right?" 

"You have a point."

"Okay. I'll go now," I said before I get my backpack and my phone. "Bye."

"Bye," Dhaile replied and waved back to me. 

I walked to the office of Science teachers. It's far and takes a long time to walk for it is located in the South Building of the school. But I think walking while the sun is still producing vitamins is a good choice.

I didn't notice that I'm walking so fast that now I can see the entrace of the South Building. I looked at my phone to see what time it is. Usually, walking from the Main Building to the South Building took 20 minutes. 

I opened my phone when suddenly I tripped on something. 

"Oh my god!" I shouted when my whole body fell down. I am expecting to meet the hard and cold ground, but what I felt is warm pressure. 

I looked up to see what's happening. A smile meets my eyes.


She helps me to stand up straight. She looks at my shoes and kneels down to remove the dirt on my shoes using a tissue.

"Be careful next time. I'm not here everytime you get tripped," she said while cleaning my shoes. 

"You don't have to do that," I said to her. Actually, she doesn't really need to clean my shoes. I can clean it myself.

"Don't worry. It's just a small thing," she said.

I can't help but to stare at her while she's kneeling on the ground. She removes the dirt and the mud from my shoes which I think came from the stone that I didn't notice when I tripped.

"Well done," she exclaimed when she already finished cleaning it.

"Thank you," I gratefully said to her. 

"That's nothing."

I don't know what to say to her. I feel like I'm out of words. This is the first time that things like this happens to me. I can't even look at her eye. 

A while earlier, I kept staring at her, but now I can't lay my eyes on her. I feel an unusual sensation when I know that she is also looking at me. 

I looked away and my eyes widened when I saw my phone laying on the ground.

"Oh my god! My phone!" I shouted and run towards it. 

"My phone! My phone!" I repeatedly exclaimed. 

I picked it up and look for some scratches since its screen is the one that hits the ground. Luckily, my phone had a tempered glass so its screen is protected. I feel relieved when it is still working properly. Well, I don't want my phone to be destroy. I put half of my annual salary just to by this kind of good phone. 

"Looks like your fine now. I'm going to my class. Bye," Kate said and turned her back to me. She didn't even waited for me to answer. 

"Thank you, Kate!" I shouted when she was already far from me.

She just put her right hand up as a sign of accepting my gratitude.

When I didn't saw her shadow, I continue walking to the South Building, but now I am more careful. I don't want to tripped again for I'm sure that no one's gonna save me now. Just like what Kate said earlier, she's not here to help me everytime I get tripped. My sight is focus on the way. I keep my phone in my pocket to have less distraction.

Finally, I reached the South Building. I guess I don't have to go to the Science Office since Mr. Cambri's adviser is here in the entrance, talking to someone over the phone.

Mrs. Varela puts her phone back to her pocket. She is about to walk back when I shouted her name to get her attention.

"Mrs. Varela! Wait!" I exclaimed. She looks back and smiles when she saw me running to her.

"What brings you here, Casy?" she asked.

"I just came to asked about Cambri," I said, calling her student with its last name. 

"I see. Let's talk inside my office," she said and we both walked to her office.

She opened the door and the silence greeted us. There's no other teachers inside. It's just me and Mrs. Varela.

"Where are the other teachers?" I asked. Well, it is unusual for the Science office to be quiet like this. In this school, Science  office is one of the loudest rooms. All of the Science teachers are inside this room for they want to communicate with each other. 

"There is a Science Fair in the Science National Museum of the Capital. Half of the Science teachers are invited and required to join the fair. The others are in their classes," she explained before letting out a sigh. "Boring, right?" she asked.

"Yeah," I answered.

"By the way, about Cambri, he's absent for a week now," she started the topic. 

"Yeah. I am worried for his grades. He might fail this quarter," I replied.

"Last Tuesday, I went to their house. I was expecting to see Cambri and his mother but when I arrived there, their neighbors said that the two leave their house that morning," she stated.

"Where did they go then?" I asked.

"I don't know. Their neighbors don't know it neither," she answered. "I tried to came back to their house but my schedule is so hectic. Plus, Madam Principal gave me several jobs to do in her office. I can't find time to go back there," she added.

"Uhm, I can do it for you," I presented. "I don't have any classes for today. I can go to Cambri's house and do your job for you if you want," I added.

"Really? You'll do that for me?" her eyes widened while asking that two questions.

"Yup. I know that you have several things to do. I just want to help. Besides, Cambri is also my student."

"Thank you! Thank you! I won't reject your offer," Mrs. Varela said and then look for something in her folders. 

"Here," she handed me a clear folder. "That contains the information about Cambri. It also has his address and phone numbers. I know that can help you."

I opened the folder and searched for Cambri's address.

"2344 Mantako St. Niswandee, Tucson City, Felghana," I read his complete address. I think one of the reasons why Mrs. Varela can't go back to Cambri's house is that it is too far from school. 

Tucson City is almost an hour away from the capital, that is if there is no traffic. Also, Niswandee is in the southern part of Tucson. I think it will take almost an hour and 30 minutes before I can reach his house.

"You think you can go there?" Mrs. Varela asked.

"Of course. Just a piece of cake," I get my backpack. "I'll leave now so that I can get back early."

"Bye! Take care!" she exclaimed. I just smiled at her and continues to walk.

I need to walk fast so that I can go home early. I hope Cambri is in his home. 

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