Chapter 7 : He was Arrested

"Ms. Fryxell? Are you going home already? It's still early," the school guard asked me when he saw me walking to the gate with my backback.

"Uhm, no. I'm going to my student's home. He's absent for a week and I need to check him," I answered.

"Oh, that's bad," he reacted. "By the way, ma'am. Will you come back immediately?" he asked before sipping in his coffee.

"Maybe I'll be here at three in the afternoon. This is included in my time, right? Or I have to have my  time out now?" 

"Yes ma'am. You're still on your duty so you don't have to check your time out. Just fill this up after you came back here," he explained.

"Good thing. I'll go now. I need to go back immediately," I replied. I was about to walk when I remember to something.

"Uhm, do you know any other means of transportation to reach Tucson City aside from riding the bus?" I asked him.

He stopped from writing on his notebook and placed his right index finger on his cheeks. He is blinking his eyes repeatedly. 

"Aha! I suggest you should take the train. Usually, riding the bus to reach Tucson City took an hour, but when you take the train, you'll be in the entrance of the city for less than 20 minutes," he answered.

"I guess I'll just take the train," I said to myself, unsure. I don't want to spend large amount of my money for I'm sure that I will spend more or less 75 dollars just for the train. But I want to reach that place as soon as possible, so I don't have a choice.

"To where part of Tucson are you going?" he asked.

"Niswandee," I answered.

"Okay. After you reach the Tucson Station, you can see the Tucson Main Building on its front. On thr east side of Tucson Main Building, there is a terminal of pedicabs. Tell the drivers that you're going to Niswandee and they will take you there. Maybe, the drivers can help you to find the house of the student," he explained.

"Thank you. Thank you very much. That's a great help. I hope I won't get lost," I replied.

"As long as you're asking the people there, you won't get lost," the guard reminded me.

"Thank you, again. I'll go now," I waved goodbye to him and he waved back also. 

I make my walk faster. I need to get back in the school before three in the afternoon. The train station is not that far from the school. It is just a 10-minute walk, not that exhausting.

Finally, I reached the train station. I buy my ticket from the cashier. My wallet was depressed when the cashier said that I'm going to pay 30 dollars for my trip from the Capital to Tucson.

"So expensive," I whispered right after I get my ticket from the cashier. I have my frowned face when I walk to the umderground where I am going to wait for the train. 

This is what I don't like when I ride on s train. The ticket is too expensive. When I'm taking the bus, I just spent less than 2 dollars, but here, almost half of my weekly salary is spent. I hate trains.

When I arrived in the waiting station, there just few people. I think we are less than 30 here. Well, only the rich ones prefers to ride the trains for only them can afford the price. No doubt why there are only few people here.

The waiting didn't took long. In less than 3 minutes, I can hear the sound of the plying train. The people who were sitting stands up and everyone make their lines. I stand on the line for females.

When the train stopped infront of us, the people inside of the train left first, then the queue moved.

I sat in the chairs of the train and then opened my phone. I also get my earphone to have some music while I'm on the way. I put an alarm for myself. Maybe I'll get some short sleep for now. It's better to be sure. 

I close my eyes and ignore the noise of the people inside the train. All I can hear is the loud music from the earphones. Some moments passed and I feel my eyes getting heavier.


I woke up when I felt the train stopped. I open my eyes to see what's happening and if I am already in my destination. 

"We're here in the Yuroki Station," the speaker said for three times. Some of the people inside the train left and new passengers came. I opened my phone and found out that it is still 11:37 in the morning. Just five minutes after I ride in this train.

My sleepiness lost so I decided to just play games in my phone. Yuroki Station is still far from Tucson Station. The television of the train is not open. I might get bored here. 

While playing games in my phone, I noticed two people infront of me who are also sitting. I slightly look at them. 

There are two males sitting next to each other. The one on the right is wearing a plain white shirt and pants, while the guy on the left is on his pants and black longsleeves. 

At first, I saw nothing unusual about them. But while I'm playing, I noticed that guy on white shirt holds the hand of the other guy, but he removed it immediately. I thought that is just an accident, but it happened again. This time, their hands are holding each other still. 

I smiled. 

I look at them and the guy on longsleeves tried to get his hand back, but other guy won't let him. 

I just smiled to them as sign that I understand them. Well, like them, I am consider as a sinner in this country. 

Minutes passed and I'm already in the Tucson station. We left the train and I go to the pedicab terminal that the guard is saying earlier.


"Is anybody here?" I asked from the outside while knocking the door. 

No one is answering me. I tried to knock once again and make my voice louder. This time, I heard someone's footsteps from the inside. I continue on knocking. Moments passed and I feel that there's someone on the other side of the door. 

"Ms. Fryxell?" the woman said when she opened the door. "What are you doing here, ma'am?" she asked.

"I'm here to talk about some matters about your son, Mr. Angelo Cambri," I answered.

"Oh, okay. Uhm, please come inside," she offers me a sit on their sofa. "I'll just get some water for you," she said before going to the kitchen.

She came back while holding a pitcher and a glass. She also has a plate full of cookies in her other hand. 

"Please eat," she said.

I didn't refuse. Besides, I'm hungry from my way her from school. I don't want to say no to grace.

After I drink the water, I started talking. 

"Mrs. Cambri, your son is absent for a week. The first quarter exams is coming and he might fail if he didn't submit the requirements," I started. "Is there something wrong about him?" I asked.

"Ma'am actually," Mrs. Cambri's voice is shaking. "He isn't here."

"Why? Where did he go? Did he leave your house already?" I asked.

"No ma'am. They arrested my son," tears are now flowing on her eyes. 

"What? Who arrested him?" 

"The Capital's police," she answered.

My mind is full of confusion. If he is arrested, of course it is obvious that he did something that is against  the law. What could it be?

"For what reason ma'am? Did he do something unlawful?" I asked.

"No ma'am. My son will not do such thing," she replied. "Someone reported to the police that my son is a gay. But that's not true, ma'am. They don't even showed evidence before they arrested my son. They just get him immediately."

My eyes widened because of her statement. I thought the reason is not heavy, but I was wrong.

"Did they say who reported that?"

"No. When they arrived here, they just said that my son will be place in jail for being a gay. They get him immediately without showing anything. Even warrant of arrest! One of the police even pushed me so that I can't touch my son!" she answered. 

I need to think a solution. That is unfair. They don't even give the child a chance ti defend himself. They just arrested him without proper investigation.

"Mrs. Cambri?" I caught her attention. "Come with me in the school. We're going to talk to the principal about this matter."

She nods. She gets her things before we leave the house. I hope Madam Principal can help us. She is the only one that can help us regarding this matter. 

"Ms. Fryxell?"


"Will Madam Principal help us?" she asked.

"I don't know. But there is a chance that she'll do that. Angelo is a student of FNHS," I answered.

"I hope so."

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