Author: Rooms
01. Bunny Boiler.

Ignoring the moans coming from inside the room, she turned the doorknob and barged inside.

"Fuck, does nobody respects privacy in this goddamned building?" the forty-something woman lying under a handsome man groaned in anger.

"Pet, it's time to leave, grab your shit. She's here," the girl ignored her annoyance and referred to the handsome hunk above the woman.

"What?" the man exclaimed, his eyes popping wide as he hopped off her.

"What is going on?" the woman propped herself to a sitting position with her elbow.

"Nothing, go to sleep..." said the girl and the man immediately replied, "Sierra, I'm scared. How's her mood?" 

"Just bow your head down and do not speak," Sierra, the manager replied.

Both of them walked to the large conference hall where the huge air conditioners with dozens of lights were in the ceiling, many seats placed in the hall... a stage with purple curtains and floor was beautifully decorated.

It was for the bondage shows and sex parties. A lot of guys wearing just briefs and ties stood in a queue... hotter than the models of the 'Magic Men.' they were dream guys.

Sierra stood in the right corner as she gave a confident look to the boys. 

There came the clicking sound of high heels and everyone adjusted themselves.

Some were nervous, others were afraid and yet nobody can raise their heads up.

She walked towards the stage with such confidence. Against her black leather jacket, the girl's blonde hair was almost white. It fell to a straight line midway down her back, absolutely flat and shining in the spring light.

The beauty with the forever young ocean blue eyes. Her face was sterner than ever.

"Hello, pets..." she spoke in such a sophisticated manner.

She walked passed by each and every pet until she was stopped.

The boy gulped in fear, his head bowed down.

"DJ..." the second she said the word, the man fell in her feet, asking for forgiveness.

"What the hell..." the woman who was having sex with DJ said in a loud voice and made her turn around.

"Cliterella..." she walked forward and spoke.

"Oh, Mrs Wilson... I never knew you're here," Cliterella spoke calmly, a ghost of a smile in her lips.

"I was sleeping with your pet because my husband..." the lady was interrupted by Cliterella herself when she said, "Get up, pet. Get to practice, everybody..." she then turned to the lady and spoke, "You come in my office. I don't want to scare my toys," with that she patted the head of DJ and turned to walk... with Sierra immediately following her and after a second the lady joined them too.

In the modern-day office cabin, Cliterella was sitting on a long back chair while the lady opposite of her.

"So... what is your story?" Cliterella asked folded her hands as she sits in a graceful manner.

"I found out that my husband is cheating on me... so I thought why not me," the words of the lady made Cliterella burst into laughter.

 "Really?" she leaned forward and continued, "You see the thing is many couples if they caught their partners cheating on them... instead of making them realizing their mistakes they just made the same mistakes."

"I get it... you're the love therapist. What could I do? Even if I catch him red-handed, he will throw me out of the house," Mrs Wilson spoke in fidgety.

"I'm not a love therapist, ma'am. I just help people and especially men," Cliterella shook her head and said.

"And now Mrs Wilson, if you want to get rid of him... I can help," she gave a large grin and Mrs Wilson sat there dumbfounded.

"Sierra, call Nina here," she gave orders to her manager and continued talking to the lady.

After five minutes a girl wearing a slutty dress walked in the office and bowed down to Cliterella.

As soon as Mrs Wilson turned to see the face of the girl, she stood up in such a rage yelling at her.

"Is this the girl?" Cliterella asked with a smirk on her face while Mrs Wilson shouted, "What the fuck? What are you doing here, bitch?" she tried to slap her but Sierra made the move quickly as she moved Nina behind her.

"Mrs Wilson... there, there... take it easy..." the boss stood up from her seat and walked towards the lady as she calmed her down.

She put her hands on the lady's shoulders and spoke, "The girl works for me." And Mrs Wilson just looks at her shocked.

"Omg! this is gonna be so much fun," the boss winked towards Sierra.

After the lady was calm, Cliterella explained the matter to her.

"You see, Bunny Boiler is the first and largest dating agency and I have thousands of people. I have pets and bunnies... but the more focus is on helping the men. My toys are spread in various clubs, bars and restaurants. Nobody reveals their real identity. My company has settings with night clubs. So this Nina girl was fooling your husband around because he made the first move. And now you'll see how cleverly she will make him name the property after you," spoke the boss...

No doubt the girl was really clever... after all, she was running the biggest agency.

"Sounds like a plan?" Sierra asked Mrs Wilson and she gave a nod.

"One more thing Mrs Wilson... it is strictly forbidden to stay more than a night in our building," Sierra informed politely.

"But I like here," Mrs Wilson spoke honestly.

"Who doesn't..." Cliterella gave a smirk.

Later when Nina and Mrs Wilson went away, Sierra spoke, "Ma'am, there's a problem down there..."

From the 19th floor, Cliterella and Sierra went in the elevator to the basement. It was forbidden for the toys to go down the basement, it was for another work.

"Pablo..." she said and a man handsome in black jeans and navy blue shirt along with a black leather jacket, his hair tied up in a bun as he turned around smoking a cigarette.

"Oh, Blair... we got a problem with Giovanni..." he spoke in his seductive tone.

"Pablo, handle this already. I have got a lot to do," 

Cliterella aka Blair Fernsby... she's the love therapist at day and mafia boss at night. She is said to the worst Irish mafia lady... the most fierce one of all.

"Oh right... you have a date with Guiseppe in two hours," Pablo looked at his watch and spoke with a nod.

He was the right-hand man of Blair while Sierra was the left hand of Cliterella.

While Blair was giving instructions to Pablo in the basement games room, all of the men including some girls were listening to them carefully.

"Pablo, take the team with you and the second team will stay here. Team three will cover me," Blair explained the works to each one of them.

While they were planning, Sierra got a call on her Bluetooth earpiece device as she listened to it carefully.

"Ma'am, the new bunny is making a fuss..." she informed her boss and Blair clenched her fists in anger. 

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