06. Tough Time.

"What did you do?" Giovanni asked unbiased. 

"We saved your ass..." Diego said in the same tone.

"Like how? What did Guiseppe get to know? And if he did found out that I kidnapped his girl then what? I'm not scared of him," Giovanni spoke unaware.

"I am..." the voice from behind made him turn around and saw Fia was standing with a straight face.

"You don't have to. I can protect you here."

"It's not that... he won't harm but you. He is not the typical enemy of yours. He is the son of Lord Ross Guiseppe," Fia spoke with such a concerned tone.

"Darling if you're worried about us... then don't. We know how to handle Guiseppe's," Blair spoke, anger fuming in her tone.

"Yes, it's been going on for generations. First our father and Lord Ross, now us and Guiseppe," Giovanni spoke impassively.

"Wait, you are telling me t

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Susan Simoneau
I think it's great but I can't pay for anything....fixed income. So I'll have to earn it!

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