07. You Are Mine.

"Our shipment?" Blair walked towards her brother and asked.

"Yes..." he gave a nod as he lighted the cigarette.

"Who did this, brother? This is not good. If it's Guiseppe, I will..." Blair was in such a rage and talking insane when Giovanni interrupted her by saying, "It's not Guiseppe, sister. I made sure of it."

"This is not a coincidence. I am telling you, brother," Blair said in a panic.

"Blair Fernsby! Since when do you start taking things seriously? It's nothing..." the stepbrother released the smoke of the cigarette from his mouth.

She was gradually calm in a second.

He was right after all... they had seen the times tougher than this. And her panic was useless.

"Pablo, take me to the shipment cargo," she said in a loud voice.

Giovanni gave a sign to the rest of the men and they grabbed the extra ammo and went out.

On the shore, the cargo ship stood under the starry night with the cool breeze blowing.


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