10. Main Squeeze.

Another second and Fia's behaviour was totally changed. She was not making eye contact with him.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" he asked worried as he caressed her hand and she immediately withdrew it saying, "Yea... yea... all good. Let's go," with that both of them stood up to leave.

All the way back to the warehouse, Fia wasn't speaking and Giovanni also could not utter a word.

One thing he knew that something happened but he wasn't sure.

When they reached the warehouse, Fia walked directly to her room while Giovanni took the report from Diego and Rodrigo.

"How was the date, Don?" asked Diego and Rodrigo replied, "Yea, she doesn't look much happy."

"I don't know, she's weirs all of a sudden."

When he went to his room, he saw Fia was leaning back on the bed holding a book.

"So... how's the shopping with my sister, today?" he asked and she replied, "Good."

"Did she brought something for herself?" he asked and she only no

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