12. Planning Long Term.

The last few days have been stressing for Blair and her business... both of them.

Two of her bunnies were dead and the enemy was not yet found or exposed.

Is it dangerous to send her favourite bunny out with Mrs Wilson?

Her mind was confused struggling between thoughts when she pressed the intercom button and called Sierra in.

"Sierra, could you please call DJ from the practice and bring coffee for Mrs Wilson..." she ordered and Sierra quickly said something on her earpiece. 

A few minutes later a man wearing briefs only walked in burying his head down respectively.

"Forgive me, if I did something wrong..." he apologized in a frightened tone.

Blair just clicked her tongue and gave a sign to him to get seated next to Mrs Wilson.

"See, this is how much my bunnies fear of me..." she turned to the woman and said.

"And now, you... ask for yourself," she added.

Mrs Wilson exhaled and turned her face to DJ and she s

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