50. Games Of Godfather.

"Why is my mommy not here?' Jamie, the six-year-old kid asked sweetly when Blair answered, "Because..."

"Because she doesn't like your uncle," Guiseppe said when Jamie asked, "Just like I don't like the vegetables in my Chowmein and Roy in my class."

"Yes, just like that," Guiseppe gave a nod.

"Can I call you daddy?" he asked innocently, his face was so pure, filled with real happiness.

Guiseppe could understand the hurt behind his happiness. He wasn't able to have the love of a father.

Edward was a hell of an unlucky guy... died too soon.

Hearing this Guiseppe was upset. 

Sometimes the memories can make the person devastated.

"Jamie, are you hungry?" Blair asked, changing the subject deliberately as the kid shook his head.

"Okay, Jamie... do you want to swim?" the handsome uncle asked and he nodded excitedly.

"Isn't it time for..." Guiseppe was interrupted by his wife who spoke, "I have that sorted, husband.

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