51. Breaking Law.

Blair reached the guest house where Pete was staying and she asked the guards to let her in.

"Mr Pete is busy with something. We can't let you in, Boss..." the guards talked to her politely when she ordered them to go her in.

The guards at the entrance were appointed by Blair, so there wasn't any chance in hell they would disobey her.

"I don't think Pete pays you..." she said in a taunting tone when their heads buried to the ground and they moved out of her way.

"That's what I thought..." before going in she said and with her men, she barged in.

Pete was sitting in the garden, in his one hand was a black coloured iPad and he was watching the hearing and a girl was on her knees, giving him a blow job.

Blair who was watching all this from behind was now confirmed that he was Alexandra's father.

She asked her men to go and come back from the door so that he wouldn't know that she secretly watched him.

Blair made a noise saying, "P

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