52. Little Devil.

Jamie was in the car with his uncle when Blair asked the police officer to handcuff the woman.

"No! Call my papa. He will tell you the truth. He has the proof..." she pleaded when the female police officer answered, "Shush! Don't shout... we are hungry, woman... we haven't had lunch, yet. So, stop this bullshit and come with us."

"Blair opened the iPad of Pete and showed Alexandra the video in which she blew him up with the grand cannon.

Her eyes widened up when she shouted, "This... this woman killed my papa!"

The police officers were not listening to her but dragged her to the van.

"But... what about my child? He's so little.... he can't be on his own..." she yelled when Blair answered, Oh, he is in right hands."

Blair saw Alexandra being pushed into the van and she was crying heavily.

Alexandra had lost her senses... her child was being taken from her and her papa was being killed.

She can't rely on anyone, now.


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