My Hybrids
My Hybrids
Author: ak_author


"Holy crap, it's my first day and I'm so going to be late. Why did I have to listen to Jerry when he invited me to that stupid club to celebrate for getting a job I'm yet to grab and now traffic is trying to punish me for my sins." I thought aloud while honking furiously at a careless driver.

Jerry is my best friend whom I met years back during my vacation to see my grandparents in West Africa after high school vacation. Since then we've been such a powerful Duo even though he can be annoying most times but I still love him. Speak of the devil calling.

"Hi Jer!" I say exasperated as I put the call on speaker pulling into the car park properly. I took my bag and phone running towards the reception like a wild Goose.

"OK, can we conclude this talk later before I get fired without starting this job." I whisper yelled at him, hanging up not bothered to hear his reply nor his other comments before. 

Phew, I walked towards the receptionist who gave me a weirdly awkward look of a once over but still directed me to the 60th floor of my soon to be work place. Fingers crossed.

Reaching the last floor, I internally squealed as I look at my watch 8:55am. Looking down the hallway were like ten ladies in their sophisticated and elegant designer wears. Trying to block out their gossip successfully until a blonde with piercing blue eyes who sat beside me said "OMG the bosses are so hot and handsome!" as she scrolls through her phone and the rest of the ladies fangirls whispering excitedly amongst themselves. 'They' as in two?

News flash no one told me I would have Two bosses, or maybe I wasn't really paying attention to gossip tabloids about Adams group of company. Definitely not what I planned nor had in mind. My mind kept drifting to facts if I'll work for both of them or one of the brothers. I've heard so much about the Adams especially from the girls on my social media accounts but, I never had time or saw the importance to look the name up and find out they're two of them.

While in my shallow thoughts, I didnt realize both time and the ladies beside me have gone until I heard my name from a deep baritone voice "Daisy King." It's now or never, so I thought to myself walking into the room only to trip in with my goodies flying out of my grasp. "shoot."

Damian POV

Looking out the window talking to Damon, my Twin, about the girls who came for the interview when I smelt something strong hit me, a smell of sweet jasmine mixed with the alluring scent of a red rose, I heard a crash with a sweet gasp forcing I and my Twin to turn towards the obvious noise at our door step.

Seeing this beautiful light mulatto with a captivating Brown eyes almost with a speck of gold. Her lower lips sucked in between her teeth with a flushed face trying to pick her tote bag to conceal her embarrassment. She's wearing a Green pencil gown with a white belt emphasizing her tiny waist, white sandal heel, hair flowing in curly waves and a vamp lipstick to finish it off.


I turn to my brother who has a lustful look on his face but being him, he goes back to his stern look while I try my hardest not to rush over to calm our mate down. Clearing my throat, I signal her to take a sit as we both stare at her in fascination.

Picking up her file, I gave it to my brother who did what he did best while trying to intimidate our mate who didnt look fazed.

"My name is Damian Adams and over there is my twin brother Damon Adams." I point at Damon on the couch who answered her greeting with a gruff noise. I leaned back on my seat admiring this beautiful lady in front of me. 

"So tell me about yourself and why you think you are qualified for this job?" I asked her with a warm smile which she reciprocated.

"I'm Daisy King, I graduated from Michigan State university with a diploma in Business and financial Studies." She said. I look to my brother who is intrigued in this little mate of ours and I smile.

"Trust me whether qualified or not, she's not getting away from us any time soon. After searching for 426 years, we lost hope only to find her in our office out of the blue." So I thought to Damon through our mind link, creating his famous mischievous smirk on his face as he accesses our little mates profile.

She kept talking about every detail of her life with the exception of her dating status. 

"Miss Daisy, are you in a relationship?" I ask which cause her to blush shyly. 

"No Mr. Adams."

She replies looking down to her feet resulting to Damon throwing a fit through our mind link. "Good because someone was about to go six feet deep."

I looked at him in shock, guess I'm not yet used to him getting things done to his favor as I roll my eyes at him. 

"What! Stop acting as if I'm the bad one when you want her as much as I do." I smile because of a fact that's 100% true. Daisy finished talking and kept her eyes on us, admiring, fascinated at the same time confused watching our weird communication.

"OK Miss Daisy King, you are employed." I tell her. "You start work first thing Monday morning; I expect the best from you or I wont give a second thought to send you out. Be here before us by 8am with two cups of coffee on our tables. Further information will be sent to your email, once again welcome to Adams group of company." I stood to shake her with my signature smile.

Daisy POV

OMG I did my happy dance in my mind as Mr. Adams told me the good news. I watched his brother who stood up to shake me, then I noticed. He's really handsome with a strong jawline just like his twin, identical in both ways apart from their eye color.

Damian has a perfect baby blue with a charming nature and I'm guessing he's the fun type while Damon has a definite Gray color with a stern bad boy look. How will I concentrate with these Two Greek gods looking so high and sexy compared to my 55ft over their 68ft... Trust me I'll just picture them as Shrek the ogre to retain my sanity, but I kept gawking at both of them gloriously, wondering how they will look like in their bathing suits or during sex. jeez Daisy, they're your bosses stop admiring their features and quit the dirty thoughts. I smack myself to reality.

Looking at both of them I gave my utmost pledge to be of good conduct and never fail. I pick up my bag to leave feeling eyes bore at my retreating form, I put a finger out because I felt their eyes drilling holes at my curvy behind as I went towards the door. Reaching the door knob I twist it pulling the door open, turning to confirm my thought and so right I am catching both of them staring intensely at me like a stranger from planet Pluto or Mars. I Smile at them. 

"See you on Monday Mr. and Mr. Adams."

They gave me a glorious smirk which got my cheeks all red. This is going to be harder than I expected remembering their lustful looks as I walked out of the building towards my car. I called Jer to tell him the good news which he squealed. For a guy hes such a screamer but I just know hes happy for me. Now time for shopping as I hung up driving out of the building in happiness.

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