Damian's POV

We kept a close eye at our mate sleeping form. She has been vomiting and has refused to eat after our torrid sex, I just hope we weren't too rough and it didn't affect the baby with the way our bodies was responsive.

"How do think her body took all that?" Damon asks worriedly looking at a sound sleeping but exhausted Daisy.

"I don't know and I'm worried we might break her one of this days with our urges."

"She was very horny today. Do you think she'll be able to walk when she wakes up?" As much as it sounds genuine, I could sense a hint of amusement as his lips perk up.

"Don't ask me, you started it after all."

"Wow! Blame it on the twin. As if you didn't join in and enjoyed it."

I smile with a shrug. "I can't help it you know. I'm a man." My thought drift back to when she rode my dick in a reverse cow girl and sucking Damon o

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