Damian's pov

The look of fear on Damon and I faces is one of horror. We've never been this scared in our entire life cause nothing frets us but hearing our mates shrill voice call for help got us in full motion back to the room.

The sight alone killed us as we got here. Our kitten floats lifeless inside a portal with a witch besides her laughing sinisterly at us. We screamed for her but no response. Immediately going to save her the witch closed the portal with an evil grin.


We screamed in agony having no clue of where she's been taken to. I felt my heart drop dead, my legs gave out on me as I collapsed on the floor. My heart gave Thunderous beat so fast as I tried breathing evenly which became a torture. No air. Everything sound faint as I heard growls emitting from me. I blinked once, twice and closed my eyes hoping for it to be a dream.  Loud thuds across

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