This can't be.

My subconscious mind told me it's a dream but my eyes prove me wrong by mocking me with his face. Jacob Burns my coworker at Adams group of Co. My Jakey. My eyes unblinkingly follow his movement expecting this to be a dream that was until he touched me and the look on his face made me realise this is not the friend I know. I flinch back. Not wanting him to touch me.

"You need to calm down baby?" I flared up.

"I'm not your baby! Stop calling me that! Why are you doing this to me? Let me go please, this is not you jakey."

"I'm sorry baby. Just let me loose your hands and check on it. It looks bruised."

I kept silent as he untie my wrists looking around for any means of escape. Just as he unties the last knot soothing my bruised wrists, I quickly pushed him aside hoping I reach the door before he catch up with me. Immediately I got to the last circle made with salt and bu

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