"Push Princess! Push!"

"Don't tell me to fucking push or I'll stab you with that scalpel." I glare at him sternly.

"Sorry Princess." he pace around wiping a sweat from his forehead. His eyes meet mine and he quickly looks away noticing my glare at him. Stupid mate.

"I can see a head. Push your majesty." And I push screaming along. 'That's good. Push more. Yes!' the doctor said.

And I heard the cry of a baby, my baby. Tears filled my eyes as they clean the baby up giving it to me. A girl. It's a girl. A weak smile grace my face hearing her little cries of pain. I have a girl, just like me. Her skin look so pale but I love her with all of me.

"She's so beautiful just like her mother." I sobbed looking into her fathers eyes that held love and pride.

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Hmmmm. im gonna miss them three
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i think im gonna wait for epilogue
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is it really finished?
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