Jerry’s POV

“Hold up, hold up, hold up!  Dai Bae are you telling me that you don’t have only one but Two Sexy Greek gods as your bosses? now that's unfair. How am I supposed to compete with them?" I whined playfully which makes Daisy giggle. 

"Please kindly tell me when my time will no longer be needed so it won't hurt much because this morning I'm pretty sure you didn't hear what I said during the call. You haven't even started and you already blocking me out, not fair." I pouted, this time Daisy punched me. I tried hiding her effort to hurt me through her punches by not laughing hard.

Chill if she has two bosses that means double trouble and last time I checked, Daisy is not really good at anger management classes, no offence to her but she better last. As much as my Bestie is efficient and tedious she hates arrogant rich boys, anyway fingers crossed as she snapped her fingers alerting me to give her attention and not my thoughts. 

"Dai Bae, are your bosses nice? Do they respect you? What do you think about their behavior? Why did they fire their last PA? So did you actually sell your souls to the devils according to what the tabloids do say?". I kept ranting questions upon questions with my protective stance in place.


I shrugged when I heard Jer's concerned voice kicked in. It has always been like that, so I don't find it rude with his twenty-one questions. 

"Jer will you calm down and talking about other persons isn't it termed as gossip?" I asked him which his sarcastic nature kicked. 

"It's not gossip if you care about your Bestie, Duh. So answer me."

"Well they're nice, although something smells fishy about them. You needed to see the way they stared at me like I'm a porcelain fine China Doll or antique." I laugh. "Damian seem funny but Damon is kind of rigid, he didn't even say a word throughout my interview. But when he smiled and welcomed me, I felt my heart do a triple flip for joy. Besides you know me too well, I don't listen to gossips about them or their company, and if I mistakenly made a deal with the devils I'm sure you know I'm not easy to crack into submission. It's going to be my way and work my charms." I told him cockily causing him to laugh so hard.

"Now can we go back to our shopping, I need something alluring but sexy, classy but simple. Chop, chop go to work." as I pushed him forward snapping my fingers. "I dont have a Calvin Klein model as a Bestie for no just cause. Move your ass boy." We laugh as we continued shopping.


Meanwhile, back in their office Damon and Damian have been thinking of their beautiful mate. Who knew it would take two hybrids that long to find a mate, the twins thought about their mate and the possibility of how to get her to love them willingly. Damon tried concentrating on his work all to no avail while Damian kept pacing around. For two hybrids, they both lost their calm and uptight pose all for her. They could still picture the way she talked, her lip movement, her body language plus to crown it how can one person have two dimple with the cutest gap tooth as she smiled. They're so doomed. 

"I miss her voice; do you think we should call her or maybe invite her for dinner. It's official, I've lost it." said Damian who kept pacing around with the hand on his forehead.

"Will you keep quiet; I'm trying to reason out some things here or do want to scare her away before she settles down." Damon snapped at his brother fighting his hand not to reach his phone and dial her number.

"I think we should just add a table for her in between ours, that way she won't be far from us." He continued.

"Now look who's not scaring her away, as much as I love the idea I won't last one second if I see her besides me. Dimitri can't wait any longer to mate her and I'm positively sure the same goes for Darius plus she needs her personal space and not a situation with her bosses' eye fucking her, so that's a big No." Damian says the painful truth. 

Both brothers were in silence planning a better option not to scare Daisy away. Who knew this is what mates felt when the find each other, but the bigger problem is will she accept the both of them as her mates or reject them and how will they explain the fact that they're 426-year-old hybrids with two kingdoms to rule beside them as their Queen. Letting his face fall to the table with an exhausted sigh.

"This is not how I pictured our life, it's harder than I thought." Damon groans.

Daisy slumped on her bed after such a hectic shopping with Jerry who later went for a photo shoot for their new line. Trust me he's living the dream life, travelling and cruising all his life. It's 6:15pm, time to prepare dinner before she falls asleep on an empty stomach. As she lays out the ingredients to prepare Curry rice and beef, she dials her Mum's line which she picks up after the first ring.

"Hey mummy, how are you and Dad?" she happily says because she misses them so much. 

"My Daisy, I'm good tell me why you are so happy this evening?" says her mum. 

She told her mum everything that happened during the interview and her shopping spree with Jerry. Although her mum got worried as how Daisy will cope with two bosses for her first working experience, but silently brushed it aside since her daughter needs more taste to her boring life. They kept talking about random things till dinner was ready, she went to get her mango juice as she bid her mum goodnight dishing her meal.


Cleaning the sink and dishes afterwards, I went for a hot shower. After my night routines, I came to my bed to check on my social media accounts and reply some messages, scrolling through my news feed I saw them. My handsome bosses on the Business news as the hottest and youngest billionaires. Why didn't I notice these fine specimen? Wild thoughts came to my mind as I recalled the way Damian spoke to me with a gorgeous smirk as Damon gave me goosebumps with his sexy stares. Gosh these two men are going to be the death of me, how can I be yearning for two men, I'm such a pervert. One they are not mine, two, I can't have them both what will people say talk more of my family, three gossip tabloids will think I'm a selfish gold digger for wanting two sexy billionaires at a time. Aigoo I'm so going to hell.

"Urghhh, I need to sleep this lust off probably by morning they won't have a second thought in my head." 

So she thought...

Smelling the fresh breeze that blows from the Woods, I kept walking hearing the sound of a waterfall ahead. It's so beautiful, enjoying this serene nature. I wish I could swim, it would be worthwhile diving through the clear water, tanning a little at the white soft sand. I pulled off my gown and sandal, wearing nothing but a bra and skimpy short walking towards the water to feel it. Just as I step in the warm water, I heard a growls coming from the Woods. Scared I turned around to see Two identical looking wolves but much bigger and nothing like a wolf, more of wild beasts stalking towards me to eat me for breakfast I presume. Instead these wild beasts kept staring at me with longing, I didn't know if to scream and run for help or dive into the water which I know both options will still kill me. I decided on the latter idea as I took some steps back until I was waist deep, then I heard my name from one of them telling me to stop. Since when did animals talk and it knows my name, I overcame my fears and took a good look at them. Both have bloodshot eyes, stood on two now, fangs out, muscled chest and strong biceps as I kept admiring these beautiful creatures natures made. They didn't really seem dangerous, until they walked towards the water to me suddenly transforming at first touch of the water to my sexy bosses. Still in that shock of what the hell just took place, why did these creatures look like my bosses or am I in one of those TV Series or prank shows, they took my hands grinning their perfect fangs at me as the towered beside me. Then I felt it, a sudden pain on my neck. They bit me, in horror I grasp my neck watching them in shock as I fell with my back in the water into blackness. I wasn't meant to die a virgin more embarrassingly in my favorite bra and short. 

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