Daisy’s POV

“Arghhhhhhh!” I screamed awake bolting up from my bed. OK I’m still in my room, instinctively I raised my hands to my neck which is still intact. Check. Now why will I dream about my bosses and why will they bite me plus they looked like beasts. I nervously thought of such a dream. 

7:00am my alarm beep, I groaned replaying what Damian said concerning my daily arrivals. Time to show them they've got the right girl as a PA running through my morning routine.

I look at the lady in the mirror smiling, admiring her light brown skin, pink lips, cute blouse with a high waist pencil knee skirt and black stiletto. You know that feeling you take to look confident and beautiful, I think that's what I'm busy doing. Giving a once over look, I match towards my first day with a smile on my face.

"Oh so you got in, never knew you had it in you to secure such a high position for a girl like you, no offense though." says the receptionist whom I don't know her name or will bother asking with her bitchy attitude. 

"None taken sweetheart, at least I know how to attract and charm the good ones. So be a good girl and hand me my pass card while I waltz to the top and you at the bottom." I smiled feigned at Miss B, which attracted amused gasps from people around. 

Grinning happily in the elevator as I gave Miss B a piece of Daisy. No one bullies me especially not on my first day. I walk to my office drooling at its exquisite beauty, dropping my bag on the table as I thanked Mrs. Bennett who is my bosses secretary. A very nice lady who reminds me of my mum.


Dropping her bosses coffees on their tables and keeping it in order she settled down to read the Pros and Con's of the company. Each do's and don'ts, signed her loyalty which Jerry referred to as the devils contract. Which after she went through her new routine as a PA, checking her bosses emails, schedules, arranging their meetings and dates, etc. Her intercom buzzed.

"Hello, you're speaking with Miss Daisy from Adams group of company. How may I help you today?" she says sweetly. 

"Miss Daisy can you please come to my office? I have something to discuss with you." Damian replied.

"Ooh." She blush upon hearing Damian's voice, she clears her throat "Yes Boss, right away." She stood up straighten her skirt as she took a pen and notepad walking to her bosses office. 

She knocked when she heard a come in voiced out to her. Pushing the door open, she saw her two bosses present looking at her, greeting them both as she shyly strolled to Damian's huge desk. And for just two souls, this office is pretty large with the perfect view of the city. So she thought causing her bosses to chuckle. Directing her attention back to them as to why the look amused, she composed herself switching to the business mode.

"Mr. Damian you called for me, how can I help?" she says.

"Yes, how are you settling in Miss Daisy? Do you like your office?" said Damian.

"It's going quite well." skipping the part of Miss B annoying bitchy scene not too long ago. "And my office is so lovely, thanks a lot." She said with a smile.

"Good, please have a sit. Guess you've seen your laptop and phone we kept for you curtsey of the company."

"Yes Boss." She replied. "Have you gone through the necessary information and filled up your details for HR reference." Said Damian.

"All done Mr. Damian." I smile to him which he returns. "You both have a 10am meeting with Mr. Yuri from Japan." glancing at my notepad.

I looked at Damon who was busy on a business magazine with his leg crossed over the other sitting sat on a couch. How can one just sit down and look sexy? This is not right, it's just not fair. Then he caught my stare with a smirk plastered on his face knowing he caught me in the act. Urghh Men! I diverted my attention back to a smiling Damian who annoyingly found the situation funny as he kept shifting and arranging their schedules for the day.


I watched my mate as she talks to my brother. Trust me from the position I'm sitting, I can perfectly describe her defined butt in her pencil skirt which hug her petite form well. She's so beautiful and all ours, even if it took us that long to find her I'm happy she's the one.

"Cute butt." I linked to my twin who stifle his laugh. 

"Imagine her pressed between us brother," he linked back, as I let out an inhumane groan of pleasure. Daisy looks at me with a confused face as Damian chuckles. Clearing my throat, I pretend as if nothing happened while hiding behind this magazine shooting dynamites at my twin with my stare. 

They kept talking on and on about meetings, proposals and the rest as I shifted to my desk a little beside Damian own. I begin the days work. 


As I'm talking to Daisy about the 10am Yuri's meeting and what to do, I heard Damon through our link... 

"Cute butt." I tried to keep my laugh in. 

"Imagine her pressed between us brother." I told him. 

His face darkens with lust as he unintentionally released a groan which startles Daisy who look at him very confused. He regains his composure burying his face in the magazine but not without shooting dynamites at me. Trust me I'm trying so hard to keep my laughter in. After sometime he walks to his desk as I round up with Daisy. 

"All done for now, go and prepare for our meeting while I sort some things out." I say to Daisy.

I watch as she stood up, stealing a glance at Damon who pretends like he wasn't looking at some point. 

"Very well boss and see you at the meeting Mr. Damon." she says as she walks out towards her office which is just opposite ours. At least, we gave her a nice office very close to ours without stressing our heart, that's enough space to be far and not clingy. I smirk sarcastically.


After the meeting which was a success, Daisy continued her days work until it was time for lunch which she didn't realize but Mrs. Bennett came to be of good assistance as she directed her down the cafeteria.

"Hi I'm Jacob Burns, but you can call me Jake. I'm the director of the sales department." says a brown hair guy with green eyes. 

"Hello I'm Daisy kings, Mr. and Mr. Adams PA." I smile at him as I put an OJ with a bottle of water to summarize the heaven of burger and fries on my tray.

He looks shocked at me but quickly regained himself. "Wow, didn't see that coming. Would you like to sit with us?" waving to an enthusiastic red hair. I obliged.

"You're the bosses PA, cute. I'm Adeline Simons but you can call me Addy." Says the red hair, she has a beautiful smile with her hair in a ponytail and cute freckles on cheeks.

"Yup, the one and only." note the sarcasm.

"How do you get to eat such foods and still get such a nice shape of ass with no tires around you?" Addy asked whining.

"Trust me girl, I'm that special kind of girl plus no matter what I eat I think it all goes to my ass cause that's the only increase I notice on my body." I chuckle wiggling my full brows causing her to laugh.

Just as we kept eating and talking Miss B with two other ladies who also look like her Barbie minions passed our table while glaring at me. Just the sight of them can make me hate blonds. Thank God I'm not already six deep with their evil stares, jeezzzz. I thought.

"Wow, three musketeers huh?" I say glaring back with a smile recalling my glorified morning.

"Or you mean three fucketeers, those bitches have no shame at all. They even tried going to the bosses especially that blonde bimbo Claire. Ugh I hate them even if it's a strong word." Adds says stabbing her fries ferociously. 

"Calm down Addy, it takes only a grown up to act like one. Don't let that incident disturb you." Jake soothingly said.

"What happened?" I inquisitively asked.

"Well on my first day Claire and her bimbos made fun of me on my first day spilling their drinks purposely on me. And should I say the fact, they've been trying to fire me but since I'm in HR, kind of difficult for them." Addy replied.

"To make you happy I kind of scored her this morning... Good riddance to bad rubbish right?" I said cheerily.

:Yeah everyone heard about it, jokes on her cause no one ever stood up-to them since they sleep with most of the HODs here. I just can't stop laughing at her facial expression." Jake laughs his lungs out.

He falls to my shoulders holding his stomach as we all laugh hysterically. Some tables close to us heard our talk and joined laughing spiting the bitches who frown before they stormed out of the cafeteria, way to lighten the mood until we heard them. "Miss King." Yikes.

The whole cafeteria suddenly became quite; Jake even fell back as the glared arrows at him more specifically.  I bet some even peed on their pants because the silence was deathly still, they shifted their gaze to me which look a little bit softened. Taking that as my cue, I stood up to leave.

"Bye Addy, bye Jakey," I beamed at them.

"Laters baby." Jake says which made the twins growl at him, he flinched. What's up with these two, I thought. Addy waves me off smiling.

Back in my office replying my bosses emails the door opened, storming in are my bosses with type 1 anger looks. Ha, and they say I lack anger management, these two are the definition of Anger. 

"What was the meaning of that stunt Daisy?" Damon spoke to me; he actually spoke to me. I don't know if I'm to be elated he spoke to me or the fact I don't understand which stunt he's referring to.

"Excuse me Mr. Adams but I don't understand what I did wrong." Truthfully.

"The act of Jacob feeling comfortable on your shoulder while laughing. Can you explain that?" he barked at me.

“It's not what you think Sir, he's my friend and it was a friendly act." I turn to Damian who has a disappointed angry look on his face.

What have I gotten myself into? Why am I even defending myself when I did nothing wrong...it's my first day and I'm already in trouble.

"Friendly act you say, I don't want to see you near him or any male as a matter of fact." Damon said sternly.

"Sir Damian please talk to Sir Damon; I didn't do anything wrong. Jakey was been friendly since I didn't have anyone to talk to at the cafeteria and he's nice." I tried explaining.

"Jakey! Did you just give him a pet name? That's it, he's fired!" Damian bellowed.

No, no, no, no, no, no. This cant be happening. Do something Daisy...

"Please Sirs I'll do anything just don't fire him, he's my friend. OK I wont let him touch me in a public place," they growled "OK especially not in a private place. I'll do anything Sirs, please don't hurt my friend."

I reasoned with them almost at the verge of tears knowing it will be my fault if Jacob got fired. I just forgot the consequence when I voiced out those words. 

They both smiled wickedly and with the look on their faces I'm regretting my choice of words. 

“It's alright Princess." Damon says as he coos. "Nothing will happen to Jacob." he tries to comfort my tensed mood caressing my face lovingly. 

I melt, my feet felt like jello as the feel of his hand on my face. If I was white, I think I'll be looking like a tomato sauce. Someone please call the electrician; I think my AC has stopped working. Wait...did he just call me princess?

Damian stride forward to tuck a strand of my wavy lock behind my ear. "So beautiful." he says as I shyly look down at my feet feeling my body heat up as electric waves ran down my spine causing goosebumps to appear.

These Men will be the death of me.

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