It was almost lunch break, I’m hungry and so is Damon. An idea pop up on my mind and just thinking about it makes me smile.

“Hey Bro, you up for lunch?”

“Yeah, I’m so hungry. I think the success we made with Mr. Yuri took a toll on me, what can I say, sheer happiness." Damon replies.

"Oh well, I'm thinking we should invite Daisy for lunch or should we just go to the cafeteria and eat with her so we wont overwhelm her." I ask.

"Cafeteria it is." as he stood up wearing his suit. "Do you know how hard it is to block that jasmine rosy scent? Darius is all scratchy and hard to control when he's around her."

"Guess our staffs are in for a shock seeing us at the cafeteria."

"Things we do for our mate Bro."

With that we pause the days work, shutting our laptops and striding towards a wonderful lunch with our mate. As we got closer, her scent gets stronger. 

As usual, the cafe is always noisy. Office gossips are the worse especially when a juicy story flies in. We reach the crowded room, opened the door only to see a group of laughing workers around Daisy and Jacobs burns with his head resting comfortably on our mates shoulders while laughing. No one noticed our presence. 

"Miss King." Damon booms which shook everyone in fright silencing the hall.

I could hear the sound of pin drop; Jacob fell off his chair. We glared deathly stares at him, who does he think he is to touch whats ours talk more of been in an intimate position. I'm so going to fire this bastard after we deal with him.

Daisy looked at us and instinctively stood up to leave as our eyes softened at her frightened state. Bidding Miss Adeline and that Jacob goodbye, I heard his stupid reply. 

"Laters baby." which caused Damon and I to growl at him making him flinch.  

That's it, he's so dead before night fall. You don't share the same air with our mate and call her baby in front of us, that's you calling death to be your Bestie. Looking around we noticed Lil miss trouble have escaped.

I think I've lost my appetite, and she think she can run from us. She's ours. Ours! Damon boomed as we make our way to her office.

I violently pulled the door open hearing her shriek I'm fright as we walk in.

"What is the meaning of that stunt Daisy?" Damon said, while trying to calm down without scaring the life out of our mate.

"Excuse me Mr. Adams but I don't understand what I did wrong." Her beautiful voice laced out. I melt.

"The act of Jacob feeling comfortable on your shoulders while laughing, can you explain that?" He barks at her.

“It's not what you think Sir, he's my friend and it was just a friendly act." She looked at me which I was disappointed and fuming.

"Friendly act you say. I don't want to see you near him or any male as a matter of fact." Damon continues.

"Sir Damian please talk to Sir Damon; I didn't do anything wrong. Jakey was been friendly since I didn't have anyone to talk to at the cafeteria and he's nice." she tried explaining.

"Jamey? Did you just give him a pet name? That's it, he's fired." I bellowed. What the f*ck? I fumed. Why will my mate give him a pet name. I'm so going to kill that bastard.

"Please Sirs I'll do anything just don't fire him, he's my friend. OK I wont let him touch me in a public place we growled OK especially not in a private place. I'll do anything Sirs, please don't hurt my friend." She reason almost at the verge of tearing.

OK maybe we overreacted, not our fault though. At least we got something pleasant from the heated arguments. Smiling wickedly at Damon.

“It's alright Princess." Damon says as he coos. "Nothing will happen to Jacob." he tries to comfort her tensed mood caressing her face lovingly. And he just called her Princess, whoa we're so whipped.

I couldn't resist anymore as I strode forward to tuck a strand of her wavy lock behind her ear. "So beautiful." I say. She shyly looks down at her feet. The moon goddess really gave us the Best.


When my best friend invited me for dinner, I didn't imagine her stabbing our favorite chunky monkey flavor while eating with anger. Like who the hell got her this angry and no one eats ice-cream angrily. That's against the Law of ice-cream with Big NO, NO.

"OK if you want to vent your frustration on something try not killing that ice-cream in front of me." I said sarcastically.

"Sorry Jer, I think you're right. I made a deal with the devils. My bosses can be so annoying."

"Share your thoughts, I'm all ears besides I need clues to get you a redemption and save your soul before it's too late." I winked causing both of us to laugh.

She tried relaying her first day to me and the cafeteria scenario as I end up laughing my ass out, my favorite part of her day is actually the morning battle. Who bullies at this age of their life...I kept listening while eating my ice-cream until she was done talking. What actually caught my attention, was when they got touchy as they cooed her.

"Dai Bae, I think your bosses like you?" I stood and left to drop my empty cup in the sink.

"What!!! Nope you don't understand or you didn't hear what I said exactly." she follows me to the kitchen.

"Well you said they growled at Jacob when they saw him leaning on you at the cafe right. That's jealousy. And when you called Jacob, Jakey plus they refrained you from contact with any male. That's possessive." I reason to her while sitting on the island chair.

She looks at me perplexed. "How do you put two and two out of my story. Are you hearing yourself? They want to control my life and you're here saying they like me. Not fair Jer." she pouts angrily.

"How about this, try and do what they say for now. Watch and see their reactions, then if I'm wrong which I'm always right," she rolls her eyes "Confront them or report to HR."

"OK." she thoughtfully said as we sat beside each other to finally eat dinner. We continued our random talks about anything and everything until we finished eating.


I told Jerry goodnight closing my door. I couldn't ask for more; Jerry is the Best friend I will ever ask for. Since we both did the dishes, I went to shower and prepare for a blissful night rest. Sleep, my third Best friend after Jerry who's the first and ice-cream which follows.

Maybe he's right or maybe I'm right but who cares, I'm just trying to gain my sanity back because it seems I'm losing it faster than a jet at speed. 

Sir Damon, Sir Damian what have you twins done to me? I was the confident, strong willed girl who doesn't think with her heart but her head. And now, I don't even know who I am. I feel like putty just looking at them, when I know fully well I was never part or in favor of groupies. Yikes, I couldn't even hold the urge when they got dominant. Someone give me a gun, please.

I'll just avoid them at office, strictly business and no flirting. Daisy get your head straight, I told myself as I drifted off to sleep.


Here I am walking through the forest, admiring the beauty of nature. This reminds me of my vacation in West Africa touring in the Woods with Jerry whom I met during our flight. Seeing the dense forest, tall trees, bird chirping, and the massive vast of green around me. This is what I call Life. In my sundress flowing with the air, hair blowing wild like a Lions mane. I'm at Peace, nothing can steal this from me.

At sight, ahead of me is a Mango tree, my stomach growled at my lack of food. Wasting no time, I walk straight to the closest fruit but trust my height. I tried jumping but still no gain. Frustrated and hungry, I decided to climb, half through I slipped and here I am thinking I'm perfect for the wild. I yelped.

I'm not feeling any impact of the rough soil, or pains or injuries. Ha, I'm flying without wings, in your face gravity because I can fly. Oops hold on, I'm not flying, I'm on a strong arm which is holding my small frame. Mtcheww gravity 1- 0 me.

I struggled to get down safely, looking up at a smiling Jacob.

"Hey pretty, I actually thought you passed out on me there. Besides if you want to kill yourself try using a knife." He winks smirking.

"I'm not doofus, I was just hungry and the mango was the closest thing around here before I die of starvation."

"OK let me help you, I actually went for a stroll but heading back."

He lifts my up as I happily took more than one for both of us. Setting me down, we began walking as I giggled at his joke. Suddenly he froze, I stop to look towards the direction of his sight. Ahead is Two wild wolves staring dangerously at us. Jacob took a protective stance in front of me, pushing me behind him.

"Who are you and why are you with our mate?" One of it growls showing its fangs at Jacob.

"Princess step away from that human now." the other barked at me, I flinched.

"First, it's either I'm going nuts to admit I'm hearing wild beasts talking to me. Second, how did you know my name. Finally, don't you dare talk to me like you own me, because you don't own me." I snapped at the vile creatures.

OK that might have been a wrong move, scratch that. The worst move I've ever made, seeing their eyes turn pitch black in anger but I won't give them that chance to think I'm afraid.

Hell I'm so afraid.

"We own You Daisy. You're our mate, and that gives us right because we have claimed you the moment we set our eyes on you. What is left for us to do is to mark you and you'll forever be ours." They both said eerily.

WTF!!! I don't know what is happening here but I'm not letting some hairy, beastly beings claim me. Taking Jacobs arm I pulled him along, far away from whatever that is to a safe place. So I thought.

Jakes hand was ripped away from me within seconds of actualizing my thoughts. 

How did they get here so fast from that distance which by science its termed not possible? And did they know what I had in mind for them to stop me.

While processing my thoughts. Jake was flung to a tree and landed with a loud thud. "OMG Jakey," I ran towards him struggling to get up.

Before I could reach him, I was gripped and hung on a shoulder of the hairy beast. I cried fighting to get down from this massive shoulders.

"Please don't hurt him." I pleaded in tears.

"No one, I mean no one touches our Queen." I saw him barking orders as his grip on Jakes neck tighten. "Do you hear me human?"

I felt it was more of a command than a question. I felt weak, defeated, hopeless. I couldn't protect my friend even if he tried saving me. Why are they doing this? What have I done wrong that peace hates me? Why are they calling me their mate, their Queen? If this is a prank, I just can't wait to go all ninja on the director, plus I freaking hate this type of horror movies where my friends are about to be ripped into half judging by the look of things.

"That's it, drop me down right this minute and you unhand my friend now or you won't like my next action." I spoke in a booming voice, three set of eyes trained on me shocked. Funny enough both creatures complied, I look at them angrily. 


I heard Jacob as he raised a pointy club to the closest beast as he lunged about to stab him. Within seconds he was ripped into shreds by the furious beasts.

I don't know if I'm to scream for help or cry for my lifeless friend or run for my dear life as they stood bloody besides a Jacob lifeless. Blood splattered everywhere around us, I was transfixed. I found out feeling everything move in circles even the beasts. Oh it's me spinning, shoot. I black out.

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its so hard for to understand this story but im trying to give it a chance
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Rose SB
Why do you capitalize best when it isn’t starting a sentence or the first word in a sentence.

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