They twins left shortly with their beta as they cancelled their meetings for the day heading home to discuss more pressing matters. They stopped at their building waiting for their beta who drove behind them, owning the last floor to one of their buildings which is a pent house. The three men majestically waltz into the building having the aura of gods with the sex ooze. People gave way for them, whispering started, everyone just couldn't get their eyes off these fine specimen. Women lusting over their body, men feeling intimidated by these powerful men. The twins were used to this feeble human lust and cravings so why not give them a show every time as they went towards the private elevator.


"Now cut the crap and tell us what's the matter." Damon's booming echoed as he opened a bottle of expensive wine.

"I haven't even settled and you're throwing questions my way, is that how your momma taught you to treat your gues

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I’m loving it...minor grammatical errors but other than that it’s really great

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