Twins POV

It has been days since they last heard from their mate apart from the office calls or important fax mails. So far, she is taking care of the company during their absence and they are so proud of her.

Plans have been set, training of their both clan warriors have began and right now they're ready to pack their stuffs back to the human world. Funny enough they can't believe it took them a month to actually set a date with Daisy, at the back of their thoughts they just hope it goes well.

"Hey babies, can you get down when you're done packing. I got some fruit appetizers in the living room for you before you leave." Mum said poking her head in their room. 

"Can't wait, you spoil us too much mum and I, we will miss this." Damian gets close to hug her before she takes her leave with a bright smile.

"I'll miss you both so much, just get down so we can spend quality

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Rose SB
Huh???? He wore her?

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