Author: Mangi

Chapter one

I was happy not because it's my birthday but because I get to go home after four years of alpha training, I get to see my father a man of few words, but I knew how much he loves and care for me and my mother, ow my dear mother I missed her the most and I'm glad I will finally have my family nearby.

I and my beta has been here for four years, our parents were already on their way to fetch us, so, I woke up quickly and went to our shared bathroom, they were only boys here, and we shared a bathroom talk about no privacy, but we got used to it  within days of us being here, I'm not even shy to go naked to the bathroom that was down the hall anymore, when I got there, I had a cold shower quickly because it  was already late, I knew the hot water was long gone since they were many of us here and I got dressed, packed all my belongings that fitted in two suitcases after I was done I went to the kitchen for our last breakfast!

"You finally decided to join us" said my beta and best friend Derek

"Of course, I wouldn't miss Grace breakfast for the world" I said, looking at the elderly woman on the stove busy frying eggs, steak and bacon

"Thank you alpha" she said, bowing her head

"Grace I told you to stop bowing when you talk to me, I'm the one who supposes to bow my head to you, you took care of us for four years without complaining about Derek smelly socks" I said chuckling

Derek turned his head fast,"my socks don't smell" he whined

"Of course you'll say that, for a wolf you got no sense of smell" and the whole room started laughing, I like teasing him, his is my best friend and his used to it.

I looked around the room and I saw all the alphas in the world sitting in one room, but they were only few of us leaving, we just turned eighteen we finished our four years of alpha training.

I will admit it, it was not easy I felt like I was in hell the first few months here, but now I'm sad to say, I'm going to miss this place.

I finished eating Grace food which tasted delicious, and I moaned out loud, which made all the boys laugh hard!

"What? I love Grace food, I wish I can take her with me" I said, giving Grace puppy dog eyes!

"No alpha, I love living here and you know these boys will probably kill each other without me" said Grace smiling

True, Grace was the glue holding this place together, it's not easy to have all hard-headed boys in one room but Grace knows how to put all of us in our place, and we respected her for it!

"I'm going to miss you grace" I said, standing to give the old woman a bear hug, Grace is petite and a short woman standing at 5'1 so every hug from any of us was a bear hug and yes she is an omega! 

After I was done I went to fetch my belongings to put them outside, where we were all waiting for our parents, there were only five of us living, all packs from the east side, and we all got along just fine, but we were not best friends, so, it's going to be easy having alliances with them if I had to.

When I got outside, I found Derek waiting with both our fathers next to my father old truck that man hates change it’s not like he can't afford a new truck that old thing needed replacing!

I ran and given my father a bow of respect


"Come here" he said, giving me a big hug!

"I missed you son"

"Missed you too dad, how is mother?"

"Your mother is well, she's sorry she couldn't make it, but she was busy with your coming home/birthday party, she can't wait for you to find your mate"

That's when the most delicious smell of all hits me, it was intoxicating, and it called to me, old strong rum and lavender, it was an odd combination manly yet soft, I turned my head looking for it thinking maybe it was one of the alphas or betas sister but my eyes went straight to the eyes of Adam Lamont, one of the young alphas also leaving the camp, and I shivered, he gave nothing away he was just biting his thin lips, and staring at me with those big brown eyes that's  when I heard the growl in my head 


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