Chapter two

"Son let's go before we are late for your birthday/coming home party because your mother will probably kill me" said my father getting me out of my haze

I disconnected my eyes from Adams and looked at my father and gave him a small nod, I took my bag and put in the truck, and when I turned to look at him for one last time, he was gone, I saw the blue Mercedes he was standing next to driving away, the smell of rum and lavender still lingering in the air, and I took one last whiff of it and got in the truck, and it drove away

I couldn't stop thinking about him, those brown eyes piecing right in to my soul and he teasing me by biting those thin yet alluring lips, and I wondered how they will feel on my thin ones, how his mouth will taste like, I got out of my reverie when I heard the annoying voice of Derek 

"Dave are you listening to me?" Derek asked looking annoyed!

"Hmm, no what were you saying again?"

"What's going on with you? You were distant since we got in the car"

"I'm fine just tired, I guess"

"Dude you woke up four hours ago don't fucken lie to me what's up?"

"I'm nervous about the being alpha that's all, I lied"

"Don't worry man you going to be fine, are you excited about finding your mate though?" he said, buying into my lies

"Not really, right now I'm more focused on being a good alpha for my people and seeing my mother whom I missed", thinking of her always makes me smile, I wondered how she's going to feel about her only son having a male mate and that thought caused my heart to constrict with fear and hurt

"As for me I can't man, I know being a beta it's a big responsibility, but I wanna find her already"

"What if it's a he?" I said, wanting to hear his opinion!

"Nah man, I'm not a fag"

"Derek what did I say about name-calling? As your friend and alpha I'm going to tell you once, name call anybody else ever again you're not going be my beta, I need someone who cares about everyone and who won't let others be bullied also, I want my pack to not only be strong, but accepting of change"

"You not serious man, I was just joking since when are you so uptight?"

"I'm not being uptight, I'm just looking out for my people, in a few hours, I'm going to be alpha, an enforcer of rules and I will protect my people with my life"

"Gees, dude chill you starting to sound like our fathers" he chuckled

"It's your birthday let's go have fun there many chicks waiting for our arrival" he said, wiggling his eyebrows, and I wanted to throw up at the thought of touching anyone but my mate whom I'm not even sure wants me or not!

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Mel Dixon
Nooooooo he wants you so much!

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