Chapter four

It's been a week since I last saw my mate, and sleep has eluded me, the strain of separation has torn my peace of mind in to pieces, and the worry that he hasn't even tried to communicate with me nor did I too him, is worrisome I was awakened from thoughts by the sound on my door

"Son are you awake? We need to talk it's important" my father said from the doorway!

"Yes  dad will be out in a minute, I will meet you in your study"

"Make it quick, we don't have much time we will be leaving in two hours time" he told me in a firm voice

I got up fixed by bed, I was so used to doing things myself Grace made sure of it, she made sure that the first thing you do before even brushing your teeth was your bed, I do miss that old hag, the thought of her made me smile and uplifted my sour mood.

I went to my ensuite and brushed my teeth and had a quick shower and took the sweatpants in the lower drawer in the bathroom cabinet, and my black workout shirt and left bare feet to meet my father in his study!


"Father you requested my presence" I said after opening his office door without knocking since I knew, he was expecting me

"Yes son, sit down"

I went to the leather chair that was beside the big mahogany desk and sat there facing my father who was reading the documents in front of him

"We have a very important meeting with the alphas of  The sacred white pack" he said without lifting his eyes from the documents

"But why?" I whined like a little kid  knowing what my reason were,  I knew my mate resides there, and I was afraid to see him!

"We need their alliance and since you're  the new alpha, I need you to be with me to negotiate the alliance, we maybe the biggest and richest pack, but they are stronger, they maybe small, but they already eliminated many rogues in the past month, and we are facing attacks weekly, and we already lost many good man and woman, we need them to teach us their way of fighting, we need their skills"

"I understand that father but I don't think you will need me in this journey, you already have Derek's father with you and since the rogues has been attacking frequently I think it's best for me to stay in case they attack while you're gone" I said, making up an excuse, so I can stay

"David, it's important for you to be there, because their son alpha Adam will also be there, it will be good for both of you are to be acquainted as new alphas"

His name send shivers in my spine, and the fear of seeing him again became a reality

"okay father, I will do as you requested" I said, knowing  well I can't win this fight "mind link me when the time comes, I still need to inform my beta"

"No son since we taking his father with us, it will be better he stays here in case there is another attack"

"Okay father, care to join me for breakfast?"

"I've already eaten, your mother always made sure to feed me before she goes to the orphanage" 

I laughed, knowing fully well how my mother is when coming to my father's health

I went straight back to my room and plopped down on my bed thinking in a few hours, I'm going to see my mate again, that thought made me both happy and yet fearful at the same time.

Will he want me as a mate?

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