Chapter five

The car ride was quiet because I was alone in the back seat and too nervous to even join their conversation, while my father and his beta were together in the front seat of his truck talking, but I was too distracted to hear their conversation, I looked outside at the passing trees and by the looks of it we were going to be in their territory in about fifteen minutes.

I looked at the outfit I picked out, a white dress shirt with a black skinny jean paired with a white converse making my pale skin look  more alive, I hope I look good! 

"Damn it" now I sound like a teenage girl going on a date for the first time.

As soon we got to the territory, I took a whiff in to the air, his scent was still lingering  meaning he was at boarder not long ago, it made my wolf surface and I sniffed the air trying to get as much of his scent as I can, I felt warm inside and not long after we were at their pack house.

As we got out of the car his scent became more alluring I could tell he was not far from where I was and very sure he knows I was  there also, I was about to go into  the meeting hall when my phone rang, and it was Derek, so I answered it annoyed because he knew I'm supposed to be in a meeting!

"What do you want now? You know I'm busy right?"

"Hey can't I worry about my best friend?"

"We are already here and the meeting is about to start just text me okay?"

"Fine" he huffed before  he ended the call.

I went to the meeting hall still texting the idiot, when suddenly the intoxicating scent of rum and lavender hit me hard making all my senses  alert with interest and  as I was about to put the phone in my pocket, I hit someone by mistake making a tray of juice fall on my white shirt, I lifted my head to apologize instead  I heard a deep growl that made my lower region tighten!

"MINE!" he growled before his finger elongated to a claw and sliced the throat of the young omega standing beside me as he repeated the words  again and again


He came to me and held me possessively, putting his face in the crook of my neck and inhaling deeply making everyone in the room shocked and rooted in place like they wanted to see what's going to happen next in this horror movie!

He whispered in my ear, making sure everyone in the room can hear the threat in his voice!


Then he kissed my earlobe making me groan and growl in frustration in front of everyone!

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