Chapter thirteen

It was week after Adam came to live with us that his pack came accompanied by his father's who looked very upset about their son making this big decision without telling them and disappearing in the middle of the night to go to his pack

They felt abandoned by their only child, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for them, so I coerced Adam to go spend time with them while I make sure their pack feel welcomed and safe, and that what I did I took the teenagers to the pack house while I appointed houses to the mated couples, and felt proud to already take responsibility for them as my own and later that day was the ceremony to combine the packs and the power shifting from the elders to the young alphas since it was a full moon after we were declared alphas, and I was excited to introduce Adam as my mate and co alpha of the pack, and we hoped all goes well and no rogues attacks will happen and by the Grace of the moon goddess everything went well and Adam looked delectable with the white suit he was wearing, and I swear I had a hard on the entire ceremony just looking at him, and he just completely ignored all my advances pouting because he hated the color of his suit because I had the black one but I thought the white one brings out his brown eyes, and damn it he looked good enough to eat and I wanted to eat that but his still pouting which did nothing to ease my hard cock

After talking to the last of the guest just before dinner I went to Adam and whispered

"Can we please talk in our room?"

"No, you said I must spend time with my parents, and that's what I'm doing" he said, crossing his arms but all I saw was those muscles flexing, and I almost groaned, I'm sure his trying to kill me and its working he got me addicted to him this past week because we did it  two to three times a day, and now his been punishing me since morning and I swear my balls are turning blue

How can my own mate cock block me? I growled when I saw him go to his fathers, and he turned to look at me and smirked then winked, that son of a bitch!

When I get my hands on him I'm going to fuck him to tomorrow and I'm going to make sure he doesn't cum for a very long time so, with that thought I  mind link him

"Your ass will be mine tonight, and I will make sure you beg me to cum for hours and hours as I pound on your tight ass hard and rough just watch and see"

And he shocked me by saying the few terrifying words

"Who said I will bottom tonight?"

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