Can I Learn To Love Again?
Can I Learn To Love Again?
Author: Ezeihekaibee Ebubechi

I couldn't be more broken when I found out that I've been fooled all this while, thinking that I was being loved by him. I know that this will teach me a lesson not to trust easily in this life.


Don't be confused as to how angry I am right now because it's actually not my fault.

Now you guys would want to know me, wouldn't you?

Well my name is Nuella, I'm seventeen years old and I'm kind of someone you'll call popular. 

I have everything. No I thought I had everything; a nice boyfriend now an ex-boyfriend actually, a best friend now an ex-best friend too, a lot of guys seeking my attention, nice, loving and wealthy parents, money and God.

I hope you've probably gotten the gist of everything without me telling you.

Yeah-yeah, we broke up because some dumb idiot was cheating on his girlfriend with her bestie. 

Okay enough of the ranting and let me go straight to the point.

Since we are on summer break, my ex boyfriend– Linc, my ex best friend– Sandra, Linc's best friend– Joshua and my cousin– Jade, decided to go to the new water park in our town– Willow Creek.

We were all gisting in the water park when Sandra took an excuse to use the rest room, shortly after Linc got a call, and he didn't pick it instead he took an excuse to use the rest room.

Okay .

I had nothing in mind but after they left, I felt like a third-wheel because Jade and Joshua were sort of attracted to each other and I had to give them their privacy.

Bad idea.

I headed for the ladies rest room.

Bad idea once again.

I opened the door to the ladies rest room, not expecting to see what I saw.

Linc and Sandra making out!

At first I couldn't believe my eyes, I was confused then I cleaned my eyes severally and saw it was all real.


That was the next emotion I felt.

I was so angered in such a way that all I could remember was banging the door with so much force. What  irked me the most was the fact that they didn't notice me standing there until I closed the door in anger and walked out.

"Nuella!" Linc called out but I didn't turn or stop for once, instead I ran. I ran towards my hand bag and keys not caring about what those that I bumped into said.

I saw the confused looks on Jade and Joshua's faces, I didn't care to explain, I just ran to my car, started it and off I went.

That was when it dawned on me that I had lost both my best and boyfriend.

Linc, someone I've dated for almost three years and Sandra my childhood friend; It's hard to believe that just in a day I lost both.

As I thought of this my anger subsided and all I could feel was hurt.

I was broken.

"Hey mum" I greeted my mum who was preparing something that smelt so delicious.

"Have you been crying?" She asked.

Mum knew me like she knew the back of her palm, she didn't have to look at me to know if I was crying or not.

"It's nothing" I answered her.

"Okay, if you wanna talk about it I'll be right here" mum replied.

Yep that's my mum, she doesn't pester, she just gives you all the time and space you need.

With that I went to my room to cry my eyes out, take a bath and sleep– maybe.

I got to my room and instead of behaving like a strong woman and go into the bathroom to wash off the stench of Linc from my body, I went to my bed to cry.

I couldn't believe that such a thing could happen to my once 'perfect' life.

I cried till God knows when, then I slept without even knowing it.

"Ella, open the door" someone called out disturbing my beauty sleep and I decided not to open the door because the person was disturbing my beauty sleep, period.

"Ella, open up I've been knocking since forever" I didn't feel like waking up to face the pains of this unfair world so I ignored the person again.

"Ella it's me Jade, if you don't want to see me just say so and I will leave, you are scaring me, are you there?" By now I was wide awake. 

I got up and opened the door and she gave me a very tight bear hug and I started crying again.

Just what I needed– a tight bear hug.

So comforting.

I let Jade into my room and told her everything. 

"You know what, they are very big jerks and we're not gonna let jerks like them spoil our summer holiday so stand up, wash the stench of the filthy beings off your body and get dressed 'cause we're going shopping today and hitting the beach tomorrow" she told me while pushing me into the bathroom; I gave a dry short and forced laugh and locked the bathroom door.

As I was washing my body, I resolved that I would neither think of Linc nor Sandra through out this summer holiday after all it just started five days ago. 

With hope that my resolution would be kept, I bathed fast and walked out of the bathroom to meet Jade. 

A black crop top, a ripped faded jeans, a choker and a knee length black boot were waiting on my bed for me to wear.

Did I mention earlier that Jade knows the meaning of fashion more than any model or designer you know in this world? 

If I didn't, it's best you know it now; she can bring out a combination that you never knew existed in your closet and that's exactly what she did for me.

"Wow, I never knew this existed in my closet" I commented on the outfit she had selected for me to wear to the mall and seriously I wasn't lying because I always wear all these cute gowns that stop just above the knees with cute flats.

"I know, I never knew you had such things in your closet either. Well, no worries, by the time we get back from the mall you would probably throw them away because they are actually good for nothing, it's just for a while. Very soon you'll be free from these and the wastebin would be their new home" Jade insulted my clothes breathlessly; but left for me I think I'll slay in the outfit and I'm not even planning on throwing it out yet, still I didn't argue with her because I didn't have the strength and we needed to get to the mall and come back before it gets late.

We were back at home just in time for dinner, with lots of shopping bags filled with most of our needs for this summer.

PS: doesn't mean we wouldn't go to the mall again, I mean why would you hate shopping when you get to have new stuffs? 

"Hey girls are you back?" Mum called out immediately we entered the house.

"Yep" Jade replied popping the p, while I entered the kitchen where mum was, to give her a peck.

"Hello mum" I said giving her the peck and taking a piece of cup cake. I left the kitchen before she could reply and scold me for taking the cup cake without her permission.

Jade was staying over for the night; she wanted to stay in her words 'to save me from killing myself over two idiots'  and I'm absolutely fine with it because if someone doesn't stop me I might probably die thinking about two betrayals who are probably making out somewhere right now.


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