Chapter 5: Troubled Meeting


"Since everyone is here, let's started" Chandrasekar voiced so professional while the other nods in agreement.

"The particular M fashion world is facing continuous loss. It would be advisable to just sell that" Harish, one of the shareholders holding 13% shares as a whole voiced out. no one could think it against as he has some valid point. The MFW which is the primary source of entire M groups is now facing heavy loss and it's of no use. 

"For past 1 year, in my management, I don't remember any loss occurred" Sandy spoke nonchalantly making everyone look in his direction where he was fiddling with his own.

"It neither show any profit" snapped Chandrasekar showing his interest in selling it which surely annoys Sandy.he can't give up his company especially when it's holding his mom's memory. 

"And the recent loss occurred for some event?" Taunted Sushanth who came to the meeting as usual as a last members but sitting as if he is the owner of the entire building. His eyes hold much hatred for the man sitting from of him arguing to keep his fashion house, whereas the feelings were mutually exchanged.

"Let's vote and decide" Dev suggested and everyone agreed. 

"Just give me one year I will make it gain it's position back" Sandy tried his best to provoke everyone. 

"Who all are supporting him in this?" Asked Sushanth literally started the voting method asking them to raise hands.

No one raises the hands Sandy closed his eyes in frustration.. he can't let this happen. His knuckles turned white with every force his giving to himself to calm down his nerves. 

A soft tiny pinkish hands raised making everyone turn their head to the girl standing there who is in her early twenties. Her presence itself was very sudden for everyone. She turned her eyes towards Sushanth who was very angry with her presence and she even raised her hands to support Sandy. She slightly widen her eyes too as Sushanth to raise his hands. But Sushanth cared least about it.

"Do as I say, or else trust me you will regret it great time" Ishika spoke softly over his ears making it turn red in anger. This tiny piece is now blackmailing her directly. But he has no option. He raised his hands making everyone in a confused state. 

When the persons with more power voted, everyone found it safe to play along with them and Sandy now turned to see Ishika who smiled at him softly receiving a sharp glare from his side.

"Fine. It's decided then" Chandrasekar spoke .. a little delight dances in his tune as that fashion house still holds some value for him too. Now he trusts his son more that he would make it gain it's position again. Everyone dispersed leaving them behind.

"You back from London?" Asked Arya in his unaffected tone making her turn her eyes from Sandy.

"Yeah. Now returned for good" Ishika said in her soft tone.

"How are you bhaii?" Asked Ishika hoping to get an answer from her only brother Sandy. But he chose to leave the hall to avoid any further arguments which would hurt both. 

Ishika smiled bitterely as she expects this already. She looked at Arya hoping that at least he would understand her. But he zoomed out behind Sandy not wanting to prolong the conversation.


are you serious?" Screamed Alisha in excitement. She is very happy for her friend who got a job offer without any help. She is indeed talented but Annie missed all her certificates and that's the reason she couldn't get any jobs. 

"But. Why did he offer me in the first place?" Asked Annie with worried lines in her forehead. 

"You should take the offer" Mathew suggested in monotone with no other extra lines.

"He believed me that I didn't do anything" Annie still was so confused about his proposal.

"I too told him that you were locked inside and you have the claustrophobic disease. He too checked the footage and it clearly showed your state when you ran outside." Mathew explained to convince Annie to take the offer as Sandy would have realised that she is not at fault. 

"But Mathew. I feel something more in his wicked smile" Annie spatted thinking hard about Sandy. His eyes, his smile spoke volumes and she couldn't understand what he wants actually.

"Hello miss.drama queen. If luck comes your way, don't show this fake honesty mask and grab that with both hands. " Caroline snapped harshly making Annie roll her eyes at her comment...

"And guys grow up. Is she any 5-year-old kid to ask about your advice on her matter?" Asked Caroline making everyone sigh tiredly... This girl always speak her heart without noticing the situation or person.

"Anyways. From tomorrow onwards my days would be blessed. As I no longer need to see this unlucky face here" Caroline's words were rude this time. Annie flinched with her words. And was about to pay her back with the same attitude but Mathew signalled her to stop. 

"But.. see I am not blessed enough... I have to see you here daily. " Snapped Alisha with a smirk that she taunted her today in the place of Annie making Caroline stomp her foot in frustration... 


"I love you baby" Sushanth snuggled more to the crook of ishika's neck.

"Sushanth, can you please leave me alone" Ishika snapped in a calm voice not before throwing her handbag over the couch.

"Why are you showing attitude?? We are newly married for God's sake. Just behave like the one" Sushanth is really fed with her attitude. They are married for 3 whole months by now and Ishika have never accepted him as her husband in any terms. But she always supports him in front of the world like a normal lovely wife. 

"Don't forget that our marriage is just a deal" Ishika spoke in a venom-filled voice making Sushanth grit his teeth in anger. She is always taunting him with this on a daily basis. Marrying for business is not an uncommon thing in their family. Then why she is making it into a big issue. She even has never opposed in their marriage. 

"Look here Sushanth. The day when my brother accepts you, I will surely become your wife. But for that, you have to work hard" Ishika put a valid condition for him making him turn pale. He thought she just needs time to adjust with him as he is a total stranger for her. But here how can she demand this, whereas she knew what exact relation they two share. 

Ishika, on the other hand, wanted badly to mend her relationship with her brother who once was so caring towards her. This marriage broke them apart. He never wanted his baby sister to marry this bastard. And Ishika married him as Niharika chose him. She has no option to deny the alliance. Sandy failed to prove that he is not a perfect match for Ishika. And Ishika didn't believe his words. 

Ishika sigh tiredly thinking about the past things and turned to see Sushanth in almost rage.

"I know you two don't share such good rapport. But I need to see whether you really want me as your wife or not. Let your ego go and be friends with my brother" Ishika literally begged him so that she could get back her brother.

Sushanth didn't find it important to answer her back. He banged the door and left the room leaving behind the disappointed Ishika.


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Santa Cakire
soo boring. why it was tagged as humor?
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Sowjanya Noone
so much hatred within a family and also why would Sandy wanna hire Annie? what is he planning?

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