Chapter 105: everything is sorted out

He knew her lies. He knew all way. Still, he was waiting for her to open her heart. Anushka tried to control her sobs but failed miserably as she gave a tight punch to his chest

"Arya, I hate you" Anushka mumbled while she crushed down in the floor crying out loud. How can she get the life so blessing?

"That's the problem Anu. I don't" he voiced out picking her up in bridal style and kept her in the cushion.

"After what I have done? Do you still not hate me?"/Anushka asked in confusion. She can sense that he is not at all angry with her in even one second. She lied to him for god's sake and the man in front of her is just not angry with her for anything.

"Arya" her lips wobbled up as she tries to stop her cries.

"Even it was a lie, when you said that you don't love me, I was broken beyond repair" his words made her gape at him. How did he know that?

"Do you really think that I will leave you if you spat those lies having a poker face?" He asked cupping her cheeks. One thing Anushka f
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