107: I am indeed Cinderella

Days passed months passed. Everything changed in the home. More to be precise everyone was literally showering more love to everyone. Do they wonder if they could remain like this forever? Of course yes. only if they didn't let the trust broken in-between them. Trust is the basic thing in almost every relationship.

"Mishku" sandy called her suddenly and she raised her eyebrows at him. Did he realise her angry stare at him?

"That red file please" he was in a hurry that's how missed that warning look of her.

"Is this the file?" She asked in a dangerous way while he nodded and the next moment, she threw that to somewhere else making him widen his eyes. His meeting is going to start in just a few minutes and here she is playing tricks with him.

"What was that?" He yelled at her while she pulled him with his collar 

"How dare you to call me other than cinderella?" Her words made

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