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Ever since a child, Karen had always been fond of her father's master's son and although there was an enormous gap between them, with age, social status and lifestyle, she just didn't see it. She grew up seeing Mr William McQueen II as her prince charming, her hero and knight, and shining amour, but William always treated her like his younger sister because that was the only thing she could be to him.

William's parents died in a plane crash while coming back from a business meeting in Paris after he turned eighteen and, although young, he had to take responsibility for the family businesses and company worldwide as he was the only heir to all the McQueen fortune. His inexperience, coupled with his age, made everyone want to take advantage of him, everyone except Samuel Butler, his father's ranch keeper. William grew closer to Samuel as his father and took the advice and counselling to heart, and it did him well until he could handle the companies on his own.

Samuel Butler died four years later after struggling with a brain tumour. After Samuel's death, William took responsibility for Karen, who then was nine years old. Karen's father was the only relation she had left because her mother died during her birth and, more than anything, William was ready to repay the goodness Samuel had shown him as a child. William took over the position of being both Karen's father and older brother and hadn't fallen short since.

In the last nine years, she'd grown to understand him more and although she hated the fact that he was overprotective, she loved the fact that he would always make time out of his busy schedule to see her and come for dinner whenever she invited him to. He would also make out time for all her PTA and the minor events that always took place in her school.

Her heart grew for him and she couldn't help falling in love with him every day even when she knew she shouldn't, but little did she know her love was going to have consequences or worse, be the death of her. 


When the school bell goes off for dismissal, I walk out of the school block and head for the limo waiting for me at the car park when I hear the voice of Chloe, my best friend. “Wait up Karen.”

Although I don’t stop, I slow down, letting her catch up with me. She comes to where I am; breathing hysterically and I roll my eyes, knowing Chloe has always been a terrible actress. “Hey Chloe,” I smile, although the smile does not reach my eyes. “Do you need a ride home?” I ask.

She smiles widely, her beautiful blue eyes radiating. Chloe always loved the fancy life. “Of course I do. Not everyone had a wealthy guardian like you do.”

“And you never let me forget that.” I remind her in a sing-song tone.

“That’s because it’s the truth, girl.” She nudges my arm playfully and my bag slips off my shoulder. “By the way, Bruce Walker asked if you’re gonna be his date on Friday at prom.” She squeals happily, like she’s the one being asked out.

My eyes roll involuntarily and reply, “Well, if Bruce wants someone to take to the prom, then he should take it upon himself to ask that himself?”

Chloe raises her hand in surrender and takes a dramatic step backwards, “I guess you’re right girl,”

Chloe and I have been best friends since the fifth grade. She is the girl I’d like to call the well-created kind of girl; beautiful with her long, curly, blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s also interactive, easy-going, social and with the right body type that can get all the guys attention in school, while I am the exact opposite the only leverage I have is that everyone in the school knows I come from the richest family in the state and one of the richest in the country.

Sometimes I envy her because the only place I can compete with her is the brain part or maybe my preservation, modesty and intellectual ability, but that’s it.

We get to the limo and settle in. “Good afternoon, Simon,” we greet the man in the driver's seat, who turns to look at us with a bright smile.

“Good afternoon, kids.” He greets back, “how was your day at school?

“It was great, Mr Smith,” we reply in unison.

His eyes, I see, are tired and weak and I can’t help asking, “How was yours?” I pull out my phone when I hear it beeping.

He shrugs, “It was okay. Had to drive the boss around to works and three other meetings around the state. We were just finishing the last one about thirty minutes ago.”

I’m a little distracted with the tail end of his answer because the message beeping on my phone is from a number I don’t have on my phone, making me wonder who it is, but from the message, I put two and two together.

<Hey babe; having a nice day? I am, but it would have been nicer if you were here.>

“Is something wrong?” Chloe's voice call to me from my analysis and I look up at her.

“What?” I raise my brow at her.

“You’re frowning at your phone,” she says, pointing a finger at my phone.

I heave a sigh and shake my head, trying to shake off the frown out of my face. “A random number just messaged me,” I reply, showing her my phone and when she sees it, the look on her face gives her away and I finally put my puzzle together.

“Did you give my number to Bruce?”

She makes a weak noise and her eyes turn apologetic, “Yeah,” she drags the answer, making a ticking sound with her mouth because she knows she’s already in trouble and hell, I’m ready to give it to her. “I’m sorry, but he promised he’ll hook me up with Michael Spain for prom.”

I can't believe what I’m freaking hearing! She freaking gave out my number so she can have a date to prom. Isn’t she supposed to be my best friend? Or is that how best friends behave? “So you gave out my number so you can have Michael?” I exclaim, my pitch rising along with my anger.

“I’m sorry, I had to, besides you know how I’ve always wanted to go out with Michael and he doesn’t even seem to notice my existence. What were you expecting I do?”

My brows draw together into a scowl, “I expected you to have told me first and heard what my answer would have been before giving it out.” I snap, throwing my phone back into my bag.

She presses her lips together into a thin line and before answering, “I knew you would never have agreed to it.”

“You’re damn right I wouldn’t have,” I say, slumping back to rest my back on the car seat before closing my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Karen. I didn’t know what else to do. You know I really like Michael and I’ll do anything to have him notice me.”

I snap my eyes open and I glance at her and I can see how torn she is by this. My heart squeezes in my chest and I feel sympathy for her. I place my hand on hers which is currently resting on her lap “You’re smart, beautiful and outgoing, any guy that doesn’t notice you, isn’t worth it.”

She chuckles, shaking her head, and gently squeezing my hand back. “You wouldn’t say that if you were in my shoes.”

She’s right, I wouldn’t, and I’m that girl that would never take her own advice because I would give anything to be noticed by William McQueen, even if that means signing a deal with the devil himself.

“I thought as much.”

I smile, “You’re right,” and she smiles back, “I’m not mad at you, I’ll just add Bruce's number to my blacklist so he wouldn’t be able to reach me even if he tries.” I say, my smile turning into a smirk.

“That was what I thought!!” she exclaims with a burst of loud laughter, “I knew you were going to figure something out.”

We stay quiet for a while before she suddenly asks, “Who is going to be your date to prom, then?”

I debate the best answer to her question; I know who I want to take to prom with me, but the problem is he’ll never go on anything with me and not even in a million years will he want to. Prom is the time you take that one person you like out on a date and so far the only person who would fit my criteria of like would be William McQueen and so far, my relationship with him is the complicated one. He has been my guardian ever since my dad, who was the only parent I had died, and that was ten years ago. He was like the big brother I never had, but as I grew up, it became a problem because I began developing feelings for him, feelings no one should have for someone they’d like to keep as a brother or even as a guardian.

I pray every day that I’ll have the grace to get over him, but every time I see him, my heart just grows with wishes and want and I know there is no changing of that.

“No, I don’t have any yet.”

“And you’re turning Bruce down?” she asks, leaning back on the seat and watching me narrowly. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“Not really,” I answer, but hell, I’ve never been good at lying and I should better start getting good now.

She raises a brow at me, “There is, isn’t there?” interest dawn in her voice instantly and I bite my lips nervously. “Start talking, Karen.”

“Ms Keith, you’re home now.” Simon's voice breaks the heat between us in the car and I draw in a deep breath.

She groans and opens the door and gets down. “You will tell me who he is, one way or another.” She slams the door and I wave her away.

We arrived at home about five minutes later and I walk into the house, and unlike most days, William was home and I know this immediately I step into the house. When I walked into the living room, I see him standing and staring at the TV, which on it was the BBC world, stock market review. His focus is on the review and his hands stuffed into his suit trouser, his position remains the same for the next moment that passes by.

I hush my footstep, wanting to walk quietly into my room as I notice his attention is on the TV in front of him.

I can’t help still staring at him even though it’s just his backside and god those features. Damn!

William is unlike most guys I know; he is charming, funny, and warm and would always find the right thing to say in every given situation. Despite standing at six feet three inches tall, he has a body that goes with it; a lean yet masculine figure and his dark blonde hair matching his grey eyes captivated all that stares into it. The cute smile he always wore warms my heart and sweeps all my pain away. He always makes out time for me, even with his tight and busy schedule, and for that, I’m always grateful.

I walk to my door and as I open it and to go in; I hear William's voice from behind, stopping me on my track.

“You didn’t even say hey to me, kid.” his extremely deep voice makes me shiver, and it also sends a chill down south. “Is something wrong?” the concern in his voice does nothing to soothe or calm me down.

Just when I thought I had escaped, but then again, this is William and he knows me too well

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