Although I’d sent out all invitations for my little birthday party, as instructed by William, I am not sure anyone is going to come. William had promised that he would show up for the party, but I am no longer sure he plans on keeping to that promise, either. He told me he was travelling to Jamaica for a business deal in the morning but still promised to be around for my birthday.

I set the party to seven p.m. to nine p.m., hoping that whatever happens, the few that will come will have fun. Chloe helped me get Arthur’s number, and I didn’t even know how she did it, but I invited him after apologising for the wrong way I had treated him the previous day. He accepted the invitation after making me promise to go out on a formal date with him.

Cassandra knocks on my door at around eight in the morning and when I open my door, she hands me a pretty purple gown with white crystal design on the thin arms and around the waist. I collect the dress and notice a note at the side of it and pull it off and it reads.

‘Happy nineteenth birthday, kid. Hope you like the dress. I promise to return as soon as I can to join the party.’


I can’t help smiling down at the note. Little things like this are the reason I’ve been so head over heels in love with him and call me silly, but he always knows what makes my heart beat faster. I nod at Cassandra and she walks away and I bring the dress to my dressing mirror and I try it on and it fits perfectly. I smile down at myself; things are finally going well I guess.

Seven p.m.

Contrary to my initial thought, a few students turned up. That’s if you’d call over thirty students few. Most of them didn’t even know who was celebrating or even what they were celebrating. They came for the free drinks and food.

“Here is the b-day girl.” Chloe squeals, coming to me and wrapping her hands around me for a bear hug. She pulls away with her usual brightening smile. “You’re lucky your b-day is a day before prom, girlfriend. Look at your gown girl.” she gasps, turning me around.

She’s wearing a mini arm top and a short black jean and her long blonde hair she let fall to her shoulder. She seems to be only wearing light makeup, yet she is looking dazzling.

I nod, “William got me this before leaving this morning.”

Her big blue eyes widen in excitement, “Wow that’s really nice of him.”

I shrug, getting a little distracted by staring at the crowd to hear anything she’s saying. “Have you seen Arthur?”

She shakes her head. “I just got in. Well, there is Michael!” she squeals when she spots him in the crowd and she walks away from me towards him.

I walk to the kitchen, open the fridge, and pull out a nonalcoholic wine bottle and a cup. I climb up the counter and pour myself some while I watch the invited student dance to the beat of the music.

They paused the music for a moment and everyone grumbles and I get down from the counter to see what was happening on the dance floor.

“Excuse me, excuse me.” I hear Chloe’s voice say as she takes up the microphone. “I know many of you don’t even know why you are here and some of you came because you heard there was a party going on. Well, this is a birthday party, and the celebrant is Karen Butler.” As she says this, she points to me and the eyes of the crowd turn to me. “Now that you know that, we shouldn’t act like morons, let us sing her a birthday song.”

I can’t help smiling from cheek to cheek as they sing me the birthday song and I mouth a “Thank you,” to Chloe and she grins back at me.

The music resumes and the party continues and I look at the clock and the time is eight O'clock. I bite my lips and realise that neither William nor Arthur are here yet.

I walk outside to get some fresh air and I sit down on the stairs and after thirty minutes of sitting and staring into the sky full of light, I’m intruded by a footstep. My gaze breaks off from the sky and I look down to see Arthur in a black leather jacket and a black jean. He looks beautiful as always and I notice that I’m probably staring too long, so I break my gaze from him and I look down at my hands instead.

“Hi.” He says, breaking the silence and coming over to sit down.

My head tilts to one side. “Hey” I dully reply.

“Well, for a birthday girl you seem kind of dull.”

I sigh, probably knowing the reason.


He had promised to come to join the celebration and I know he won’t join the student to celebrate, but I’d happily make them all leave so I can just celebrate with him. He’s not here like he promised, though, and as much as I try to celebrate, I can’t.

I mildly shrug, “It’s always been just another day for me if I’m honest.”

“Well, it shouldn’t be! These days show you and everyone else that you are maturing, getting older, ready to become a woman.”

I doubt William would ever consider me a woman. It’ll hurt his ego, yet it’s really nice to know someone sees me that way.

I smile. “You always know what to say to make anyone feel happy, don’t you?”

“Not everyone, just special few.”

A blush appears on my face and thank God for the night, “You think I’m special?” I ask, looking up at him.

“I don’t think I know.” His gaze locks on mine and he draws closer to kiss me.

I pull back, “That is great then,” I say, trying to make what almost just happens less awkward.

He lets out a small laugh and scratches his head, “So what about your parents.” He asks, trying to changes the subject.

I shake my head. “There are both dead. I live with William. He’s my guardian.”

“I’m sorry.” He apologises, his eyes dropping in remorse.

“It was a long time ago.” I dismiss quickly, but it doesn’t stop the pain that pricks my heart.

“I’d like to meet your guardian someday.”

“Why?” I ask, my brow rising slightly.

He shrugs with a plain face, “Because he seems to be one with a big heart.”

I smile, agreeing with him, “He really is.” I reply with a nod.

He gets up, stuffing his hands into his pocket. “I’d ask you to join me, but I know you will say no. So, I’d go get a quick drink and go. I’ll talk to you soon.” He kisses my cheek before walking away.

I watch him disappear, and I turn to continue staring at the stars.

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