I push myself over to his door and I slowly push it open and I stopped in my tracks at what I see.

The grunt is louder in his room, but unlike I had expected, it's not from pain but from pleasure, apparently.

Williams is completely naked from his head down, and his back faces me. In front of him is a woman with long brunette hair on her knees and he seems to love whatever it is she's doing to him because his grunt and hissing and moaning are louder in the passing moment.

"Oh Viola, like that! I'm almost there! Yes." His hands buried in the lady named Viola's hair and he seems to guide her up and down his length and faster and his thrust gets wilder.

I tell myself to get away from inside before I'm noticed because I am invading two people's privacy, but I'm so shocked at what is happening in front of me I can't bring myself to move.

"Yes! Fuck, I'm coming!" He growls like a wild animal as his body trembles weakly and he loses his balance from his release and grabs on to the bed sta
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Katie Gunter
I love this "jealousy" that they are trying desperately to use against each other!
goodnovel comment avatar
Katie Gunter
I don't think that he's actually going with Viola and he's using her to let go of his sexual frustrations! I'm sure it was just a coincidence that Karen was going down the hall at the same time he was getting the blowjob! I also think that Karen is using Arthur to make William jealous!
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
So William and Viola have been dating for a while and he has been waiting to introduce them. I guess he doesn't have feelings for Karen if he is progressing his relationship with Viola by having sex with her in the house with Karen there.

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