Arthur stops his car in front of drumstick, a new restaurant that opened about a month ago and, according to him, is one of the best places he's eaten so far and I'm taking his word for it.

Arthur comes to my side of the car and opens the door for me. I smile as he offers me his hand and as I accept; he pulls me out. We walk to the door of the restaurant and the security guard opens the door for us.

"Ladies first," Arthur says as he steps out of the way and ushers me in.

I grin deeply and shade of red appears on my face. "Thank you, but you don't have to treat me like a princess no matter what William says."

The skin of his forehead folds as he stares at me. "This has nothing to do with William, it has everything to do with you." He takes my hand and brings it to his lip, placing a quick kiss on it. "It's high time you look at yourself like a princess."

We make our way to our table and he pulls out a seat for me and as I sit. I stare at him as he takes his seat and after a while o
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Katie Gunter
I had wondered what happened to the ripped off underwear! I guess that has him in an uproar to find out what happened between him and her.

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