Throughout the service at church, I stayed disconnected as I kept wondering what William had to talk about. I wouldn't have taken it much to heart if he didn't sound like I was about to get killed or butchered to death. Or at least, like it was a serious life decision.

When the service closes, I take a taxi back home. I stop at the front of the gate and I get down; I pay the taxi driver and make my way into the house.

I am eager to know and incredibly uncertain. I've spent 19 years of my life with William and he's never said we need to talk before and as much as I hate jumping into conclusion because I know it's a bad thing.

I make my way towards the study room where I know William always spends his Sundays after breakfast. Once I get to the door, I knock gently on the door and I get no reply. I knock again and still no answer.

Weird, William goes nowhere on Sundays.

I turn and was about leaving when I hear instinct voice coming from the study. I pause and draw closer to the door.
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It's now Little Nerdy Nightmare
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Mita B Ganguly
Hi Author where do I find your the other book HIS OWN UNDOING because it's not here in this app...thank you

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