Twenty one

In the next weeks that passed, William and Ashley were over at the place in the house. Not in the manner of sex, which is a good thing, but being close with each other, William seems to be happier and it made me feel happy for him and his newfound source of happiness, Ashley.

As I promised, I worked my difference out with Ashley... not really, I still consider her a snake, but at least I’m no longer running and telling William every little thing she did behind his back, I wait for fate to reveal it all.

William did the unthinkable when he asks her to move in and like it wasn’t enough that a girl I despise is with the man I’ve loved all my life, I had to see her every minute of every day because she makes it a habit of barging in and since according to her was a way of being friends.

Yes, she has increased her habit of taking things that aren’t hers. In the past months, she’s taken my clothes, money and makeups and, according to her, there was no need for me to make myself look beaut
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Neneaki Tibau
poor broken heart girl.
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
Seriously, hasn't she graduated yet and moved onto college. William is an idiot and this story is hard to read, especially if he invited Ashley to move in with him as that pretty much spells relationship and love.

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