Twenty two

For the next two hours that pass, I lay on Chloe’s bed coiled into a ball and the only sound heard are the small whimpers and sobbing sound I make. My heart is bleeding and I can’t comfort it like I always have in the past. I am going to lose William forever and it has already started because every moment that passes; I feel him slip away.

Chloe hasn’t said a thing to me in the last hours either, and I think that she’s mad at me, but I’m already too tormented to even care about that. I don’t blame her for being mad. I’d be mad too if I was in her shoes and my best friend kept such a thing away from me.

“You love William?!” It would have been a question if she didn’t yell it out.

Finally, you’re back!

“How did I not see it?”

Because according to Arthur, you’re a bat in noticing things, especially people’s feeling. My mind sarcastically replies, but my mouth dare not open for fear of losing the last shelter I now seem to have.

“What about Arthur, your boyfriend?”

A sigh escape me
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I Despise Karen.

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