Twenty four

My eyes slowly open at the continuous shaking of my body and as my vision clears, I realise that I’m in William’s arms and the continuous shaking is because he’s running with me and the reason I do not know. I gasp in fear at the much stain of blood on William's white long sleeve and I quiver at the reason for such amount of blood loss.

What happened to me? I silently wonder, with a blank mind not finding anything clear for the while I’ve been awake.

Why is William running? Why are William's clothes soaked in blood? And why is he carrying me?! It’s not right, William shouldn’t be carrying me, he should be with...... ASHLEY! She did something to me and my head hurt a lot. It still does, but why? My phone I recorded something about Ashley and the snake did something to me.

“Wil...lia...m...,” my phone. I try to say, but the pain in my head just increases and I close my eyes, immediately stopping at the mention of his name.

He looks at me with a sorrowful eye, “Shh, we are getting you
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Oh shit ... what did they do?

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