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“I can’t have your blood on my hands. I can’t lose you, and I won’t!”


My eyes open in a room with three people in lab coats and mask over their nose and a rubber cap over their head. They are all standing around me and they seem to do something to me.

With all my might, I force my hand up to grab the wrist of the one standing beside me. He turns and looks down at me and my mouth opens to speak.

“You’re in the hospital, ma you’re saf—”

“Don’t tell him,” I cut her off, “please, the baby.”

“You need to relax and let us help you, ma.” Is the reply of the lady in green with a white face mask.

“Don’t tell him,” I keep on murmuring until everything fades off.

When my eyes open again, I’m alone in the room... My eyes drop to my side and I see William there, his head is resting against the handle of the bed and his face shows great signs of fatigue and under his eyes are bags signalling lack of sleep. I notice he’s still in the same clothes as he was when I came back from Oxfor
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