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“I can’t lose you even if you’re too strong-headed to get that.”


“Her name is Mia Fernan-.”

“Wrong answer,” he answers before pulling the trigger.

“Mia!” I scream out as I push her out of the way, causing the bullet to slide painfully past my cheek. Its force is hot and powerful against my face that it sends me back a few steps.

“Karen!” William gasps out as he immediately drops the gun and rushes towards me.

I raise my hands in protest, stopping him in his tracks as I regain my composure. “Don’t come close to me, William!”

“You have a cut on your cheeks!” His voice is shocked and trembling.

My hand touch my cheek and it instantly gets stained in what I’m certain is blood. My teeth grit and I glare at him, “and whose fault is it?”

“I’m sorry. I was never aiming for you. She’s the one I was aiming at.” He pulls another gun from behind him and again he points it at Mia and so I step in front of Mia.

“You want to shoot her? You would have to go through me, William.”

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